We should demand the Government properly fund our police…

I have been very lucky and not really had the need for the police, but I can imagine those who have feel grateful to see that comforting sight of a police car pull up.

I know it is becoming fashionable to bash what they do and of course how they carry themselves, but in every organisation you always have the bad apples and they must account for a small percentage. Is it really fair to put them altogether in the bad bag that seems to be fashionable these days?

Ask yourself how many times have we read that the bad guy has a knife or a gun and or police only have a nightstick. It is not very fair is it? I am not advocating for the police to be armed as that is not who we are but it would be better for them to have more of them.

We expect our police to be everywhere and protect everyone and I am one who will openly criticise any Government who does not fund the police the way it should and that is both Conservative and Labour. They expect our police to work miracles with having so little to work with, and it is quite disgusting that this Conservative Government can waste billions on the track and trace app whilst giving the police nothing in a pay review.

I am not of course discussing the head of the Met as she really is a liability and it is time she was retired quickly, but when you think that your average police officer goes out to patrol the streets having left their loving family at home worrying as would anyone with a police officer in their family, worrying that that they might not not make it home. Weapons are on the increase and our police officers are at the front of this and it really is unfair to expect them to do this, but do it they do and we read only yesterday that two police officers were stabbed in Birmingham this week. It is getting everyday now that we see them being attacked and nobody in the Government seems to have their backs as the current Home Secretary has turned out to be like most of the Home Secretary’s….useless at her job. Her failures are another blog…..

It is about time this Government and every other Government invested in our police as they are the only line of defence that stops us from the bad guys without calling in the military, and if they are not being looked after then what?

What the data say about police brutality and racial bias — and which  reforms might work

I was always brought up to respect the police and a wave and a smile is a nice gesture but surely we should demand more for our police in the way of funding, especially as the world seems to have gone mad lately.

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