Priti Patel has failed as Home Secretary in dealing with those who come here illegally.

I was so pleased when the Prime Minister appointed Priti Patel as Home Secretary as I thought oh here is someone with iron in her veins. Well how wrong was I!

Priti Patel's new threat to British journalists |
The Home Secretary, The Rt Hon Priti Patel

It seems that the only way she will deal with the illegals tipping up on our shores who are mainly young men is to bung France another £54 million pounds. The French have stated today that they will not use this money to prevent illegal immigrants coming to our shores….so why the hell have we given them more money. The French must be wetting themselves laughing at us…….

It seems the French are too keen to help the illegals into British waters and guide them in and it has been caught on video so why are we paying them? I feel sorry for the RNLI as they rely on donations from people to keep them going as they are volunteers and there monies must be down as people don’t want to pay for them as a taxi service. They were that busy attending the illegal immigrants arriving in our waters that when a yacht got into trouble off our shores there was nobody there. This is not what we raise funds for. We are not a free taxi service just because someone wants to come here for the generous benefits and if we continue to let them in…..who will pay as it seems the overburdened tax payer is at tipping point and I for one do not want to pay for them. I want instead to fund the police, fund the NHS, fund schools, fund help and care for the elderly and disabled, fund the military and anything else that this country and its citizens need. Paying for these people is not a good use of our money. Infact it should be considered down right criminal to waste the millions and millions they are doing. The Government does not have any money….they only have ours .

Surely we should be able to send them back as you can only claim asylum if you have left a war zone and last time I looked, France was not at war with anybody, even us. Asylum is granted at the first country you land in and we are the very end of a long chain of countries. This is not asylum they are seeking….they are seeking a new life at our expense and it seems we have no say in this and even worse a Home Secretary that is doing nothing.

There was the fanfare that Ms Patel had hired a former Royal Marine to help prevent this invasion….and then nothing. Nobody has heard from him again and there has certainly been no advancements in how to stop this.

Priti Patel has appointed Dan O'Mahoney as 'small boats commander'

RITI Patel called up a former Royal Marine last night to spearhead action against illegal migrants crossing the Channel. The Home Secretary appointed a “small boats commander” with the job of intercepting boats and combatting people smugglers. Dan O’Mahoney, an expert in ship-to-ship operations, has been put in charge of a massive new mission to stop dinghies and other small vessels sailing to Britain’s shores from France. Priti Patel appoints ex-Royal Marine to combat migrant smuggling gangs causing Channel border crisis (

The above was dated August 2020 and todate the number has gone up so can we have the “Small Boats Commander” actually tell us what he has done, as all I can see is abject failure as the numbers have doubled this year already and they are not stopping. I feel that this appointment is nothing more than smoke and mirrors and the smoke has cleared, the mirror cracked and we see the fanfare produced nothing. Infact we are even worse now than last year.

Home Secretary appoints small boat commander – GOV.UK (

Home Secretary Priti Patel said:

The number of illegal small boat crossings is appalling. We are working to make this route unviable and arresting the criminals facilitating these crossings and making sure they are brought to justice.

Dan’s appointment is vital to cutting this route by bringing together all operational partners in the UK and in France. This is a complex problem but across Government we are working to address many of these long-standing issues.

Dan O’Mahoney said:

This role is vitally important in the fight to end the heinous crime of people smuggling across the Channel.

I look forward to working closely with the Home Secretary and Minister for Immigration Compliance as well as with law enforcement bodies in the UK and France to bring to bear every capability available to tackle this critically important issue.

By the end of Summer the estimations are that up to 30,000 illegal immigrants are going to tip up on our shores and we have to pay for a 4* hotel for them, give them money and any other help whilst telling our NHS they can have only 3 % pay raise and the police nothing. That is shameful. I still don’t know what was wrong with the Army barracks. They will get 3 meals a day, a warm bed and medical help until there is a decision made. Some elderly people cannot afford 3 meals a day and a warm house in winter. Some bleeding heart Judge ruled their living accommodation not suitable, yet it was ok for soldiers and they are loyal to this country.

This is wrong on every level.

There is the trumpeting that there is yet another immigration bill going through Parliament and it has now had its 2nd reading. Well Parliament has shown that they can get readings through in one day….why is this taking so long? The Conservatives have the number so get it through and stop the benefits, the generous hotels and all the money that is thrown at these people who are breaking the law.

Make them go home as it seems the majority have left their wives and children in the areas they left, and you can bet a pound every time that they get a life here and “forget” those who they left, and if not doing that then they claim them and that can amounts to hundreds of thousands of people coming here illegally year in and year out in the end. We are a small Island and our population has grown some 8 million since 2005 and we are struggling to get our children in schools, get Doctors appointments and the NHS. It has to stop or there will be backlash and I don’t want that as the wrong people will be targeted and that won’t be fair.

I feel so sorry for those who have jumped through hoops to legally get citizenship and they are the type of people we want here…law abiding ones. They are the Doctors, the Nurses, the Teachers, the Engineers that we need and they will be a great asset to this country and maybe it is time to make the system less strenuous as that seems to be wholly unfair. How many of those who have come here illegally are any of those? We should send a stern message that if you tip up on our shores illegally then you will not be rewarded and you will not stay here.

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If they are women, children and the elderly fleeing wars then of course we should take them as they are the weakest in any society, and nobody would deny them that but look at the boats and see they are mainly young men.

The Home Secretary should man up and send these people packing because the more we have of them, the less room we have for those we should be welcoming, those who are either law abiding or in need of genuine help.

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