Leaving water out for animals, and shade if possible.

As a lot of you no doubt realise I am very much an animal person. My beloved Zeus was born with special needs and Mr Points of Sue and I have rescued 3 cats, sadly one passed away due to cancer of the throat.

Fudge and Sooty above, Zeus below. All my fur babies, and yes they do sleep on our bed at night, or anywhere else they want too…..

Watching them struggling in this weather is hard and we are trying to do everything we can.

Regular cool baths for Zeus, and cooling mats all round, lots of fresh water and fans for them which they are happy to sit in front of. Can’t bathe the cats as I would like to keep my hands intact.

It got me thinking as I am regularly visited by at least 4 other cats who come from treats, and one to be fed….so 4 packets a day of cat food for her, and we are at that stage that she lets me stroke her for a couple of minutes.

Found out she very much prefers Sheba. I never attempt to bring her in as we have an understanding where she comes for food, and then she goes back but she waits patiently and having a camera at the front and back I know when she is there, and am always met with a morning miaow.

So, with the regular visits I thought about other animals and have now littered my front garden and back garden with huge water bowls. I have also put them at the gate for anyone passing with their dog, although really it is too hot to have them out.

I have also taken into account the little flying visitors and bought some little drinking bowls that they won’t get stuck in, and it is lovely to see the bees, wasps and moths drinking. They are shaped like daffodils and are used regularly.

So if you can and I am of no doubt that I am turning into a mad cat lady, please think of the visitors we get in our gardens….even the tiny ones and put out water for them.

The parasol on my garden furniture is going up and if it is used by my visitors to shade then great, as if we are suffering….think what our beloved pets and visitors are going through.

Thankfully from Saturday through to next Tuesday, it will be 20 degrees and we can finally get our boy out for a very much needed long walk.

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