Dawn Butler calling the Prime Minister a liar is a bit rich!

Ms Dawn Butler has been removed from the Commons for the day for calling the Prime Minister a liar and refusing to retract it.

We all remember Ms Butler who at the time of the BLM protests tried to cause grief by falsely claiming that as a black woman she had been stopped in her car. She flipped her camera to try and get the poor police officer on camera when in actual fact she was not driving and that the gentleman she was driving with was actually white! Can you imagine what could have happened to the poor police officer if people had taken this as truthful and that is the behaviour of an MP…..totally disgraceful.

Ms Butler has accused the Prime Minister of having “poor people pay with their lives” because according to her he has mislead the house. Lets not forget this is TWO HOMES BUTLER and I wonder if she has let a poor family move into one of them rent free…..

Dawn Butler was told to leave by the chair after delivering an extraordinary rant about how 'poor people have paid with their lives' because of the PM 'misleading the House'

The Brent Central MP mounted the protest during a debate on the prospect of a public inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic. ‘Poor people in our country have paid with their lives because the Prime Minister has spent the last 18 months misleading this House and the country over and over again,’ Ms Butler said. She highlighted disputed claims made by the Prime Minister, adding: ‘It’s dangerous to lie in a pandemic. ‘I am disappointed the Prime Minister has not come to the House to correct the record and correct the fact that he has lied to the House and the country over and over again.’ Ms Cummins intervened and said: ‘Order! Order! I’m sure that the member will reflect on her words she’s saying and perhaps correct the record.’

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A government whip allegedly spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ cash renovating a house under 15 miles from her main home. Dawn Butler claimed for a Jacuzzi-tyle bath to be fitted in her North London second home while claiming her main home was in East London. She is said to have claimed £2,600 too much in rent but Fees Office staff apparently allowed her to “dig out” other receipts to cover the excess. Her expenses are among a number of questionable claims by whips.

In 2010 ——– Ms Butler has claimed £66,304 since being elected in 2005 for her constituency home in Wembley – despite having another property in Stratford. When the Standard challenged Ms Butler (left) on this by knocking on the door of her (publicly-funded) constituency home, she told our reporter: “I totally resent you coming to my private home. Have some respect. How dare you.”It’s cost taxpayers £37,245 over the last two years (2007 to 2009). Now if she were an MP from, let’s say, Scotland you’d say, “Fair enough, obviously you can’t daily commute to Parliament from your constituency.” But to live in London (and, note, no Liberal Democrat London MP claims the second home allowance) and for your non-constituency home to be not really any nearer to Parliament than your constituency home? That is, as they say, questionable. As Norman Baker put it in The Times: “It is difficult to see how an MP having two homes equidistant from Westminster helps them with their duties.” Dawn Butler MP under fire over her expense claims (markpack.org.uk)

Dawn Butler expenses – 1 Feb 2020 — 31 Jan 2021 come to a grand total of £182,564.16p and this does not include her £160,000 plus wages. As of September 2020 she received £14,765 in “campaign funds”, of which £1,100 was for 5 nights in a hotel for a party conference, and spent over £3,000 for a 6 day jaunt to Indonesia at our expense. So that comes to nearly £18,000 in jollies…some people have to work 40 hours a week to take that home.

Butler was criticised for her failure to sign on to the Board of Deputies of British Jews’ “Ten pledges to end the antisemitism crisis”; and lets not forget she was loyal to the most anti semetic terrorist supporter that the vile left could muster to lead the labour party, so I think she needs to look long and hard in the mirror before throwing stones.

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To be fair though I don’t rate any of them highly and they are all in it for what they get and it is never about the Constituents but rather how much can they grab and enrich themselves with. You never hear about an MP actually doing anything for the poor in their society, and they seem to walk into the most outlandishly paying jobs when done. It is her day today for using unparliamentary language and tomorrow lets wait and see the next self serving MP who pops up out of their chair pretending to speak for us.

Not one of them is really worth the effort and time it takes….not one of them.

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