Seems Sleepy Joe and Cackling Kamala are worried.

Seems the Democrats are panicking already about the 2022 mid term elections. It holds the slimmest of majority and they have sent out Kamala Harris as their secret weapon…


They know that they will lose the mid terms to the Republicans as the Trump surge is climbing in the polls.

Lets face it…murder is up, rapes are up, assaults are up, burglaries are up, the border is down and millions are heading through it and Cackling Kamala can’t even go straight to the Border. She went 700 miles away….which really is a cowardly politicians way to lie and spin the crowd.

The game is up. The Democrats know it, Sleepy Joe doesn’t know what day it is, and Harris knows she is a liability.

Would be better to send out anyone else but the Vice President, as she didn’t even get the vote in her own party, and why are they endorsing a President who sniffs children. It looks odd, it looks creepy and shame on those who voted this inept duo in.

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