Dominic Cummings spreads his lies with the help of the BBC…

The fact that the former chief of staff is being interviewed by Laura Kuenssberg raises the alarms bell of a false narrative to start with. It has all been contrived and schemed from day one.

The Bias Broadcasting Corporstion is now finding a man who they have called a liar for the past couple of years credible makes you realise that the pair of them are upto nothing more than mischief making.

Cummings is now spouting rubbish that HE had plotted with a couple of other nobodies to remove the most successful Conservative Prime Minister since Baroness Thatcher in a coup shows what a narcissit he is.

HE decided that the Prime Minister, the man elected by millions of voters was not upto the job as far as HE was concerned, this shows what a twisted mind he has.

The simple issue of being voted in by the people did not matter to Cummings, what he wanted was to rule and instead he has ended like a petulant ex lover selling his wares, and to above all organisations….the BBC….my god did the man think that his narrarive was going to be taken as the truth?

His arrogance is breathtaking. I supported him over Brexit but my god did this little unimportant man really think he could plot a coup? We are not a country where dictatorship is decided by the any moron who thinks he should rule.

It shows how little HE knew in the end, and as I have already said he is just a disgruntled upstart who thinks he knows best.

He had one role and that was to get a Tory win and he got paid handsomely for it, but then as with all narcissits it went to his head.

He has shown himself to be untrustworthy and should never get near any seat of power. I doubt whether anyone in industry will hire him as he will backstab them too. He has reduced his credibility to zero.

He is doing nothing more than causing trouble and the Prime Minister and this country should be grateful to see what he is really like, as I honestly believe he was looking at the Prime Ministers job….what does it matter he should be elected in. Thats for the little people and not Cummings.

His endless whinging has actually done the Prime Minister and the Conservative party a favour, as no one believes him and talking to the BBC confirms that, and he is finished in any form of business role….so win win.

BTW quick comment for the inevitable book he writes….have it for the fantasy section and £1 bin….

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