An angel sent by God….

If you are depressed or sadly suicidal and you have no one talk too….then please seek help from anyone as we are all human and want to help.

No one should want to end their life as it is precious, and despite everything beautiful. We are here but a moment in time, but that moment is your opportunity to let the world know what a wonderful person you are.

I sadly saw the body of a young woman who had committed suicide on the train tracks. It broke my heart and I can remember crying on the platform as it was a cold December evening, and it was cold, lonely and just bleak and I like to think of myself as a tough old bird….she had jumped a couple of minutes before I arrived and I just cried and cried for days. I refused to get off at that station as it was a lonely lonely place and even now years later I still think of this poor young woman . No one should feel that this is the only way out……

Stay safe and remember you are beautiful, you matter and you are important.

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