There should never have been a witch-hunt in the first place….shame on the previous spineless Prime Ministers who did nothing.

At last we find out that there is going to be an amnesty for those Northern Ireland Veterans who served in the Army during the 70s and 80s, and I am relieved to discover that no Veteran will face any charges and that all prosecutions will be dropped. These were bad guys they were up against, you know the type who were quite happy to murder a mother of 10 for nothing more than giving comfort to a dying soldier, or blowing up a remembrance parade murdering children, men, women and a pregnant woman too.

They are responsible for putting a bomb in a bin and murdering 2 children out shopping for a mother’s day present, bombing a pub where young girls in basic training at the WRAC Centre were murdered, or shooting up the car of a young Indian Cpl from the RAF and murdering both him and his 6 month old baby and many many more. Murderers such as these should have no rights.

Veterans who served in Northern Ireland are finally set to be freed from the threat of prosecution. Pictured: British soldiers in Belfast in 1976
British soldiers in 1976.

This should never have happened in the first place. British Soldiers act at all times on the say so of the Government, and the Parachute Regiment and other Units were sent there because the Government decided to send them and then disgustingly turned their backs on them when these vicious, malicious witch-hunts against them took place.

Parachute Regiment. Badge. Digital Art by Tom Hill

Shame on any British Government that does not protect its servicemen and women.

I had the honour during my time in the Army of working with the Parachute Regiment and not only were they professional but courteous at all times, they were the epitome of professionalism and how dare this or any other Government put such fine men through the witch-hunt, the false narratives and the scheming lies that were part of this falsehood charge against them and for nothing more than appeasing terrorists and their supporters.

We have some of the finest people in our Armed Forces and it is such a shame that we have such snakes in power. What a pity these politicians do not have half of the courage of our Armed Services. These snakes are quick enough to send them to fight and of course take all the glory and then try to bury them when it suits them. I miss the days when the major parties took part in remembrance and their medals were on parade. Now we seem to have a majority of professional nobodies in parliament who run from trouble and the polls when it suits them, chucking anyone under the bus. Shame on them.

British army would be 'outgunned' in major conflict – report –

The only disappointing part of it is that they are letting the terrorists off, but they got off under Tony Blair but at least this way they are not doing it sneakily and under the radar. Blair is just as despicable as they can get to do that and shame on Brown, Cameron and May for doing nothing and letting these brave servants of Great Britain be dragged through the mud, but this cowardly scheming approach is to be expected from any Government in power sadly.

At least Boris has kept his promise and now is the time to build up our Armed Forces, certainly not reduce their numbers as the next bad guy is always just a heart beat away and who knows maybe this Government will grow a set and ban any such witch-hunts in the future, as I know, serving soldiers know and Veterans know that anybody that brings the Armed Forces into disrepute will be dealt with quickly as you are disgracing the colours otherwise. Military personnel serve HM The Queen, her heirs and this country and no one wants to disgrace that…but sadly politicians do by their actions every single day.

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