Leaving Afghanistan is so wrong…

Never thought I would agree with George W Bush, but he is scathing of the NATOs decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Not only withdrawing from Afghanistan but that the American Military actually left equipment there for the Taliban to steal and use against their own people. (The right thing to do was blow the whole damn lot up). Our military is stripped to the bone so we were probably using American equipment anyway….those in the MOD should hang their heads in shame that they are more concerned about the bonuses for pen pushers rather than the military.

Those who have now fallen into the territory of the Taliban are now having to live under strict rules and that includes men not being allowed to smoke nor shave. Men are expected to dress in strict Taliban decided outfits, and where they must attend prayers. Women are now not allowed to go to school, they are not allowed to work, they are not allowed to leave their homes and all girls over the age of 15 and widows under 45 must be married off to Taliban fighters. I have no doubt that girls will be forced into marriages, raped and murdered by these monsters. There are no human rights for women now in Afghanistan and I wonder if they had such hopes of a normal life with the help of the West.

All those who refuse do so under the threat of death.

Former US president George W. Bush on Wednesday said the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan was a ‘mistake’ and warned civilians were being left to be ‘slaughtered’ by the ‘brutal’ Taliban. He said he thought Afghan women and girls would suffer ‘unspeakable harm’ as a result of the US withdrawal, adding ‘it breaks my heart, in an interview with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

The former Republican president, who sent troops to Afghanistan in fall 2001 after the September 11 attacks on New York’s World Trade Center, said he believed the consequences of the withdrawal would be ‘unbelievably bad’.

Former US president George W. Bush on Wednesday said the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan was a 'mistake' and warned civilians were being left to be 'slaughtered' by the 'brutal' Taliban in an interview with Deutsche Welle
Former President George W Bush.
Afghanistan is facing a crisis as the Taliban snap up territory across the countryside, stretching government forces and leading to a fresh wave of internally displaced families

There will now be wholesale slaughter of innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan and us, the USA and NATO must bear this responsibility. We should never have gone into the area as no one has beaten the Afghans as it is too mountainous, and how can you fight someone who thinks being a martyr is being than living!! We tried in the 19th Century, the Russians tried, the USA and we tried again…no one can beat them…

Bush said: ‘It’s unbelievable how that society changed from the brutality of the Taliban and how all of a sudden, sadly, I’m afraid Afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable harm.’ Pressed on whether the withdrawal was a mistake, he said ‘I think it is, yeah, because I think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad.

‘I think about all the interpreters and the people that helped not only US troops, but NATO troops and it seems like they’re just going to be left behind to be slaughtered by these very brutal people, and it breaks my heart. We should have gotten these people the hell out of there before this even happened. How can we just walk away from a people who were willing to help us? I am always happy when I read that an interpreter has been given a home here with their family, and so they should but now we have left those we did not get out to a living hell and more than likely be subjected to the murder of themselves and their families.

The Taliban appear to be winning the propaganda war with videos to prove they will welcome surrendering soldiers (pictured, Taliban fighters and villagers on March 2, 2020)

This is now a very sad time for the people of Afghanistan as there is nothing now that can protect them as I doubt any politician will send their military back into help, after all for some there is no oil there so not really of any interest. Politicians do not seem to do humanitarian interactions…..

We have sadly left a whole nation to their fate and this fate is at the hands of murderous fanatics that who have gotten their hands on the equipment that the Americans left behind, and who are no doubt being aided by Iran and the other axis of evil who are in their camp.

Shocking, absolute shocking and so begins the murders of the innocent.

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