Hypocrisy thy name is Corbyn.

I am sure the MPs in parliament were staggered to hear one Jeremy Corbyn, Independent MP droning on about how there needs to be more done to combat racism!!

Excuse me!!!!

Corbyn's Gushing Praise for Deeply Anti-Semitic Book - Guido Fawkes

Is this not the same Jeremy Corbyn who presided over the Labour Party when it was investigated for their racist anti-Semitism, and for which they share that disgrace with none other than the BNP.

This man did nothing whilst Jewish members were vilified, bullied and harassed by the Labour party and where it was open season on Jews. It had gotten to the point that Jewish people were considering leaving the country if this terrorist loving racist anti Semite got into power.

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, the most senior rabbi in British Orthodox Jewry, has made an unprecedented intervention into party politics in today’s Times, warning that “the very soul of our nation is at stake” and that Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to tackle anti-Semitism within Labour means he is unfit to be prime minister. While he stops short of endorsing any one party or even of using language as explicit as that used by Jonathan Romain, a senior Reform rabbi, who urged his congregants to vote tactically to defeat Labour, the message is explicit enough: don’t vote Labour. (New Statesmen 26th Nov 2019)

Until Corbyn stops his unsavoury taste in friends and his rabid anti-Semitism then he has no right to discuss anything as he is as nasty as those people who have been calling out 3 young men just for the colour of their skin.

How Labour's “antisemitism crisis” was fabricated out of thin air

It is wrong and it is vile and if you are a Jewish person then Corbyn fits into that group of people who really should be de-platformed and answer to a court.

Lets not forget who stood by and did nothing whilst this racist, anti semetic Labour Leader and its party was doing its worst…..

Weekend of whispering after Angela Rayner carries the can for Labour's  election catastrophe | News | The Times
Angela Rayner and Keir Starmer.

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