80 Countries and growing….

Having a blog site can put you through so much ups and downs and this was always going to be a bucket list thing for me, so the fact that it is has taken off is fantastic and very satisfying.

My statistics came through and my blog site is now being read in 80 countries and that is very humbling. The fact that people want to read my blog posts is awesome, and I am getting more and more interactions and that is fantastic because other opinions if opposite from mine are always welcome. I have had the delight over the last couple of months to actually have great comments then even thought they may disagree with me, they were polite and just the type of people this site needs and they are so interesting too and it is kind that people are taking the time out to write to me….thank you.

So, when my statistics came through and it is now at 80 countries the smile on my face went bigger and brighter and I know that my aim is to add more but it is a slow and steady increase and it is that increase that gives me that push to keep going…..

So thanks guys it is very much appreciated.

Thumbs up guys…..

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2 thoughts on “80 Countries and growing….

  1. ๐Ÿ’œ YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome SupaSoulSis; it’s NOT!!! Necessary to agree in order to accept that even the most evil humans are just humans who have Lost They Way; because even The Evil Love and Have Loved Ones as ALL is, indeed, Love…it ALL Comes Out in The Wash; how so depends on Culture, Religion, Belief Systems like Buddhism et al Much Love and More Power to YOUR!!! Blogging Elbow



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