This is not just offensive to children but downright disgusting and obscene.

My jaw dropped this morning when I saw this was hired by a Labour Council to encourage children to read in a library.

The Redbridge Libraries Summer Reading Challenge run by Redbridge Council in east London set up the event but the library has since apologised for the 'inappropriate' costume
Apparently this is acceptable to read to children.

This outfit had a penis and false nipples attached to it and they think this is acceptable? My god this is not acceptable to even be out in public never mind being around children. Which moron thought this was acceptable? Maybe they need looking into if this is their idea of being ok around children. As a parent you spend your life telling your children to stay away from weird people and then they walk into a library and see this……… waiting in there.

Thank god Mr Ahmed saw sense and stated this:

MP for Ilnord North Wes Streeting has since said he is 'deeply concerned' by the events that took place on Saturday

It seemed that the Redbridge Labour Council did not have any safeguarding towards children having this obscenity wondering about, and even the Library stated if you have it “flaunt it”. Dear god who the hell is in charge of this? On what planet would this ever be acceptable. This is indecent, immoral and should be kept as far away from children as possible.

Labour councillor Jas Athwal has apologised and tweeted: ‘I was appalled by the incident in Redbridge Libraries on Saturday.  ‘Completely inappropriate and deeply offensive’. The performers were hired by independent contractor Vision who manage Redbridge libraries and leisure centres. 

MP Wes Streeting has since said he is ‘deeply concerned’ by the events that took place on Saturday, and he has written a letter to Vision questioning how the company thought the costume was appropriate for ‘family audiences around our libraries and public realm, let alone a festival aimed at promoting literacy amongst children.’ He also needs to question why it was walking around the streets and not arrested for gross indecency.

The company involved Vision have apologised but again who in that company thought that sending out this indecent article was acceptable to children, to their parents and to the taxpayers? Can you imagine the trauma the children would have suffered seeing this perverted costume. That looks like a sex toy being openly flaunted in front of children, and as such someone in the company should be charged as well as the idiot in the Council who actually sanctioned this.

The person wearing that is actually lucky that they did not come into contact with a parent, otherwise it would have ended up them being worse off especially as this is just perverted, immoral and obscene and to dress it up as encouraging children to read sends shivers up my spine……what the hell would they be reading? Someone needs to lose their job over this and maybe the police should get involved for this indecency as this is unacceptable and parents should be very concerned who has a say over the public services in their area.

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One thought on “This is not just offensive to children but downright disgusting and obscene.

  1. 💜 First I Totally Agree about The Inappropriateness of This Public Display that should, in My View, Be Kept Private, Second I Wonder about The Frustrations of The LGBTIQ+ Communities that leads Them to such Extremes and Thirdly I Wonder about ALL of Us and Our UnAdmitted, UnAcknowledged and UnAddressed Multiple Mental Health Issues (MMHI); there is a reason why The Legal Age for Sex is 16 (with parents permission) and in some countries 15 (as long as the age is same)…this display was clearly an Expression of LGBTIQ+ Frustrations and Totally UnConcerned about Trauma to The Kids; that said it’s No Excuse for This Abhorrent Public Act because There ARE Plenty of Private Forums for The LGBTIQ+ to Deliver Their Messages…as a N***** I Understand The Frustrations of Experiencing PreJudice from Non-Blacks; but, like Martin Luther King and Many Other Black Ladies and Gents plus UnLike Malcolm X and others who CHOOSE!!! Violence, both Psychological and Physical, to ‘Resolve Imbalances’ I CHOOSE!!! Dialogue…which means Active Listening, Checking For Understanding and Coming to Resolution; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) ðŸ˜ĩðŸĪŊðŸĪŠ ARE at The Heart of ALL of Our Conflicts and War because who, in Their Right Mind, Doesn’t Desire Peace and Quiet to Help Deal with The Challenges of Life ðŸĪ” ?



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