The cut in Foreign Aid has gone through Parliament….

I for one totally agree for the cut in foreign aid. It originally stood at £14 billion and now it will be down to £10 billion.

This is a victory for common sense. After all we are still dealing with a pandemic and there are people in our own country who need help and the NHS needs more money. How can it really be justified to keep giving it to nations such as India and China who have their own space agencies?

This is nothing more than a do-gooders charter to hand out money to those who just squander it. After all, if they didn’t then why would we need so many commercials asking us to sponsor this or sponsor that.

This by the way does not include the millions of Covid Vaccinations we will be sending out, which I should imagine would be of better use than filling the pockets of some corrupt despot, or CEO who is working under the “humanitarian guise”.

The IFS has estimated that the reduction means more than £4billion less a year going on foreign aid
The IFS has estimated that the reduction means more than £4billion less a year going on foreign aid

There have been some rebels and one of those was the worst Prime Minister ever…one Mrs Theresa May. This woman was the worst Home Secretary and then Prime Minister and she has the gall to criticise Boris Johnson. With her dithering and outright scheming and lying to the public…”Brexit is Brexit” whilst fully knowing that she was going to sign us up indefinitely to the Customs Union and EU Laws, and where her dithering and the disgraceful last Parliaments antics….cost us some £36 billion plus in fees to the EU and this did not include fines and other funding’s which she decided to pay.

Maybe if she and Parliament had not been so disgraceful in trying to thwart democracy we would have had the extra billions to help towards the Foreign Aid, but nope they cost us a fortune in fees to the EU, legal fees, uncertainty, companies not investing and the loss of jobs….She did this and some of her former cabinet colleagues. So she needs to look in a mirror and realise that her duplicity has to have consequences, and in the time of a pandemic where our own finances need help…this is the result.

The Chancellor has not ruled out an increase but only when this country can afford it and lets remember we already give more than most countries, and considering our size maybe we should shame them into handing over more of their money instead of them trying to spend ours.

Charity begins at home and the Chancellor and the Prime Minister are right in taking this stance, and when the rebels come out having a moan then look at your chief moaner and realise that she caused this to happen. She wasted billions of pounds that we should not have paid and where it will cost us billions of pounds more because she was trying to misinform the British public regarding her Brexit.

When we are out of a pandemic and when we are prosperous which we will be…then we will return to the generous amount that we give but until then….it is more important our own citizens are helped especially the lowest paid, as surely they deserve it more considering it is their taxes in the first place.

Opening the Commons debate the Prime minister defended his approach. He said the ministers “all believe in the principle that aid can transform lives” and voting for the Government’s motion “will provide certainty for our aid budget and an affordable path back to 0.7 percent while also allowing for investment in other priorities, including the NHS, schools and the police”. “As soon as circumstances allow and the tests are met, we will return to the target that unites us,” he insisted.

Comments from the Daily Express.

One of the most It was important this bloated overseas budget was cut.The UK are not the world’s bankers.Teresa May was one of the most vociferous opponents to the cuts.We have enough financial problems at home.

How many times have we read that billions in Foreign Aid money is still left that the government hasn’t quite managed to toss away, so they literally start throwing it away to any foreigner with their hands out. Perhaps this is the haircut the Foreign Aid budget needed, although I would go much further.

Frankly, are these MPs bonkers ?Do they KNOW how/where this massive ‘aid’ is spent ? ? ?Ignorance is NO excuse

Let those who can and want to give, give. The government should leave who gets what aid to the people, not give people’s money away in the name of the people.

Aid money is distributed by independent (from government) agencies. I wonder how many MP’s are “EMPLOYED” in some capacity eg, non voting? Board directors by these agencies?

You ask the hardworking taxpayer if the Government is wrong to reduce this budget and the majority will say that they are doing the right thing.

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