It took the Taliban how long?

The Taliban have murdered 22 Afghan Commandoes who had run out of ammunition and who were in the process of giving themselves up.


I know that Sleepy Joe Biden is not in control of his own mind but asked only last week if the Taliban would take control as soon as the Americans left, he said no…and went on further to say that the Afghan Army have been fully trained by the Americans and that they are more than capable of beating them. Well the answer is sadly…no they are not.

Well, one week later and the Taliban is already over running Afghanistan. We and the Americans went into a country knowing that it had never been beaten and where terrorist groups thrive, and honestly thought that the Taliban could be kept at bay!! We were wrong and to give hope to a group of people is the worst thing you can do.

Any Military Commander would tell you that they are a people and an ideology that cannot be beaten, and those Afghan servicemen that have been given false hope that they can beat the Taliban will pay the price for it. It is wrong and it is cruel.

We know straight away that Biden will abandon the Afghans and the Afghan Military. They are no longer any use until he needs to start a war when his approval rating goes down, and it is shameful. We should not abandon any group of people who work with us and who are prepared to fight for the freedoms we in the West take for granted. That must be such a hard disappointing pill to swallow for the Afghans.

I know people will say it is only 22 but times this by the Taliban going across the country and there will be a lot of people who trusted us dead. It is wrong.

Militants say the commandos were captured after running out of ammunition, but witness accounts from the time and the new footage suggests they were actually gunned down in cold blood. It comes amid a major offensive by the Taliban across Afghanistan as US forces withdraw, which has seen the Islamists trying to persuade government troops to abandon their posts on the promise of safe passage back to their homes.

Maybe we should inform the Afghan military to stop fighting as it will cost them their lives, and I for one feel so sorry for the women of Afghanistan as their lives are dreadful to start with and under the dictatorship of the Taliban it will get worse and akin to something from the middle ages. There will be no rescue of the Afghan women and children now. It is shameful.

God help Afghanistan as we in the West certainly did not.

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