The Deputy Labour Leader is vile…

Angela Rayner and Sir Bendalot have now had a go at both the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary for refusing to take the knee.

Thank god someone could see through the odious woman and her ridiculous claim.

What this Corbyn in a skirt does not and cannot possibly realise is that leaders do not capitulate, they do not take the knee for virtual signalling and they do not give into threats that are a direct threat on our freedoms and our history. How stupid are they that even 12 months on they cannot realise this. Who on earth voted this woman in???

This is outrageous, nasty and totally expected from this hard left socialist who quite frankly is a disgrace to the Labour party. Is this not the same woman and same man who stood by and did nothing whilst Labour Jewish members and MPs were threatened, bullied and driven from the party? Going off her values and the nasty comments she allowed to happen and him… they should be classed as nothing more than a modern day Nazi party. They stood shoulder to shoulder and refused to condemn the very leader and his gang of unwanted, unwashed morons who were responsible for the rise in anti-semetism. So ask yourself what is worse?? Refusing to take the knee or allowing a whole group of people to be vilified, bullied, assaulted and on the verge of leaving this country if her and her nasty party got in?

Don’t forget folks Rayner and Starmer would have happily served in the most vile left wing anti semetic, terrorist loving, British hating Government of all time. Thankfully the British people saw what they were and dumped them.

The likes of Rayner and Starmer will never understand that people cannot stand him, and like her even less and to try and to try and link the refusal to capitulate to the vile racism that is going on due to England losing a football match is nothing more than than their own nasty values. If Labour ever want to win, it would do itself a favour and deselect this god awful woman.

Labour have not mended their nasty ways and this is nothing more than trying to divert the issue that Sir Bendalot and his party were moaning about the lack of social distancing at the matches, before he himself bagged a couple of freebies and promptly went about taking selfies with the crowds, and did not even mask up.

Hypocrite they names are Starmer and Rayner.

The Labour leader took pictures with supporters before the match started

Whilst Rayner is even within a sniff of running the Labour party, infact whilst Starmer is running the Labour party and into the ground, they had better get used to just being a party that remains irrelevant, out of touch and out of power for years and years to come.

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