Seems the Donald is making his way back…

To the Whitehouse.

None of the other 19 candidates received more than 1 percent

This is the current CPAC poll of who Texans would vote for.

Now I know you say it is Texans but the rest of the country will follow suit as the new liberal looney left agenda in the United States of America just does not work.

You have the Mayor in Chicago saying shootings are going down despite the contrary and it is disgraceful that the Democrats are trying to cover up the real increase in murders, and where the same Mayor refuses to speak to any reporters who are not black and who at meetings using the most unladylike language….really America is this what you want the world to see?

In New York City, there have been 718 shootings and 212 murders in New York, as of June 27 2021 according to the NYPD.

Gun crime has seen a sharp rise in major metropolitan areas, and especially in the nation’s largest city, New York. Shooting incidents rose 73 percent in May 2021 over the previous year, as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes and New York begins to reopen, according to New York Police Department numbers cited by CNN.

Chicago has recorded at least 1,892 shootings through June 28, the most recently available statistics, an increase of almost 12 percent compared to 2020’s 1,692 and a 53 percent increase over 2019’s 1,234 shootings during the same time, and don’t forget that we not yet near the end of 2021.

The murder rate is up by some 75%, rapes, muggings, assaults, theft, vandalism are all up and this is only just over half way through 2021. Is this really acceptable to the people of America?

Now love him or loathe him…Donald Trump is on his way back and he is on his way back because the Democrats have put the most inept duo in the Whitehouse. Harris dropped out when she only got 3% of the democratic vote and she knew that people would not pick her, and then Biden who does not even know what day it is…and you trust the United States of America to these two??

When Trump gets back in and he will and the loons start the destruction and the howling of unfair, unfair….just remember…you will be responsible for this because you put in people out of their depth and who only want the power. They want the return of the status quo where it was the few elite who ran the government and the corridors of power, and where the working class were despised and kept down and constantly being told what was good for them.

Well, times are changing and we will then see President Trump in 2024 and he will sort out the border, sort out the crime figures, sort out the lies and false news, and where female children will no longer be at risk of being sniffed over by the President of the United States. Is it me or is that just creepy and so so so wrong.

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