At 88% of last year already…

I would like to thank my readers who have day in and day out logged into read the comments I write.

I am already at 88% of last years total and this will be passed by the end of August if not before, and I am so excited that it is going so well. When I first started Points of Sue I did not think that it would grow the way it did, and not only that be also that I would be developing other websites too.

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I am always grateful when I see the statistics come up and the comments that I get are very supportive and very kind, well most of them. I still get the ones who wouldn’t get permitted in but I guess everyone on media has to go through that.

Due to this I have been asked to help create a media platform and training due to being a qualified trainer and the requests for help are coming in fast, and to be honest I do it in my free spare time as this platform was never about making money and I always feel that I should give something back.

So thank you to all those who have helped me grow. It is appreciated and if anyone would like to be a guest writer then please send the details to with your story, pictures and a contact email. Thank you.

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