The stupidity and woke bias of Twitter….

Twitter flagged up the photo of the veteran below as potentially insensitive content.

A veteran badly burned in an Afghanistan IED blast has slammed Twitter for flagging his July 4 post of him saluting in uniform as 'potentially sensitive content' (the tweet above)

Captain Sam Brown was pictured saluting and posted it on the 4th July to celebrate their Independence Day and for the life of me I am struggling to see what is insensitive about it. He looks every inch the hero.

Twitter should realise that they can only do what they do in the knowledge of being safe because men like Captain Sam Brown do their job, and protect them from the really dangerous individuals this world has spawned.

Instead of flagging it up, they should have it front and centre of their twitter pages with a big thank you to all people who have served to save democratic nations from tyranny, but there is always another reason for the likes of Twitter doing such thing…

Brown blasted the social media giant accusing it of flagging his tweet and questioning the timing, given he had just announced his intentions to run for Senate as a Republican candidate.   ‘Hey @Twitter, I didn’t realize my face was ‘sensitive content’,’ he tweeted Tuesday, sharing a grab of the tweet with the warning. Ironic considering I only have 3 tweets & just filed to run for U.S. Senate only hours ago. 

So, please go on Captain Brown’s twitter page and get this picture out to the world as it is nothing less than he deserves. I myself thank him and all those currently servings and veterans in both Great Britain and the United States of America for keeping us safe, and being the shining light in this very dark time in our lives.

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One thought on “The stupidity and woke bias of Twitter….

  1. 💜 While this makes Perfect Sense EveryOne please Allow Me to Share an Opinion if I May; it doesn’t matter what Side YOU!!! ARE on, Be It Sport, Politics, Religion, War, Relationship Issues, Gangs, Law and Order or AnyThing Else that Pits Humans Against Each Other…at The Heart of The US Constitution is “Freedom” such as The Right To Bear Arms; there is also The Right To “Freedom: of Speech and an Implicit Encouragement to Seek an Agree-To-Disagree Solution instead of Fanning Flames of DisContent and Stoking Severe Conflict that May Lead to Even More War and DisFigurements of NOT!!! only The Body but also The Mind and Soul, just sayin’…whether YOU!!! CHOOSE!!! to Share This Pic is Entirely a Matter for YOU!!! and The Business of NoOne Else But YOU!!!; ergo, Don’t Be Bullied by AnyOne Whether a Passive or Aggressive Bully



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