Sir BendaLot Starmer has hit rock bottom.

I am of course referring to the well known knee bender Sir Keir Starmer, yes the man who capitulated to the mob instead of showing what a leader should do, that is be strong and be seen to be strong….but not Starmer . Well, even I thought he could not scrape any lower than he has already but he excelled himself today and doing so in the mother of all parliaments.

Starmer is well known for the letting off the grooming gangs who raped and trafficked young women for the sake of diversity, then he promotes Naz Shah who actually had a go at these same girls…(not much caring for the victims from the Labour bench) to the post of shadow communities secretary. He must of been having a right old laugh at that. Then we have his equally nauseating stance of not pursuing Jimmy Saville the paedophile as we now know him to be.

Don’t forget Starmer the lawyer who brought the CPS to such rock bottom ratings that they gained only 12% satisfaction rate under his leadership. He also sued the Government for an IRA terrorist, and an ISIS terrorist supporter and there is a lot more and he even backs the return of one Shamima Begum.

We also saw such was his desperation to get into the labour shadow front bench that he stood by whilst Corbyn allowed Labour Jewish members to be harassed, bullied and threatened and who would have served under a Corbyn Government stand by and do nothing. You ask yourself could this odious individual get any worse??

Well, yes he can. He has now renamed the Delta Covid Variant the Johnson Variant. Now this is outrageous, immoral and just about as low a bottom feeder as you can get.

I am not saying that Boris Johnson has done the right things some of the time and have attacked this Government in my blog on numerous occasions, but this man almost died from this virus and who has managed to get the majority of the country vaccinated, and who has had to govern whilst in the epicentre of a killer virus and where he had to keep the country financially on its toes. If this had of been Corbyn and Starmer we would still be waiting for our vaccination as according to Sir BendaLot we were better off in the European Medicines Agency…(wrong). Sir BendaLot stated in parliament that he had never said that we were better off in despite having to apologise the very next day for lying…whoops…parliamentary speak here…”for misleading parliament unintentionally”. To the rest of us he lied……

Keir Starmer caught lying in the Commons about European Medicines Agency -  YouTube

Test and Trace is not my favourite app whatsoever and the woman leading it is a disaster but do you know what Labour’s idea was!! To get the councils to do it. Now I don’t know about you but our Council is one hairs breath away from bankruptcy and couldn’t run a pee up in a brewery as they are useless. The whole lot of them are useless and they do nothing proactive for this town, oh except borrow more money for a failing bank and then try to hide the information refusing to let the people see the FOI request for the books that have not yet been signed off, and which Directors of the Bank are Council members and if they get paid for the posts of Directorship where does that money go?? So, can you imagine this useless lot being given the money to test and trace? It would have been a mitigating disaster and Labour quietly let that one slip.

We would have had the NHS in far worse a state because we would have been waiting at the bottom of the queue for the vaccine, we would have had investors leave the country because that is exactly what they would have done with a far left Marxist government in and there would have been no furlough, just thousands and thousands thrown on the scrapheap because a Labour government could not have afforded half of what the Conservative Government has achieved because they don’t believe in capitalism, just spending our money till there is none left and what would they have done for the rest of the 4 years and 6 months? As that is how long it would have taken them to bankrupt this country.

Sir BendaLot has offered nothing in the way of ideas and is always ready to help after the idea has already been made, and of course where he quite happily takes the credit for something that is not and never can be his ideas.

So, to call the Delta Variant Covid 19 a Johnson Variant is disgusting, he is disgusting and shame on Starmer. This man almost died from this and he saw first hand what this virus can do to people and to do that shows just how low Starmer is prepared to go. Well here is a note for his script writers…people don’t do pathetic and he is pathetic.

Starmer should be made to apologise and I have had this conversation with many people both Labour and Conservative, and the words used to describe it is disgraceful, unstatesmanlike and downright nasty and this is why Starmer and his ungodly crew will never get into power, as they just do not appeal to the voting public.

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