The George Cross awarded to the NHS.

Her Majesty the Queen has on behalf of the nation personally awarded the George Cross to the NHS.

The Queen has awarded the George Cross (pictured) to the NHS
In a handwritten message, the Queen highlighted bravery in recent months and said Britain's highest civilian gallantry medal would recognise 'all NHS staff, past and present'

Her Majesty has got it right on the nail by her award and as usual she can read the nation. We are really lucky to have her and long may she reign.

The NHS is a unique place and as a Governor it never ceases to amaze me what wonderful people work for it. I am often told that it is not about money why people go into the NHS but rather a desire to help people, and from the cleaner through to the CEO they are a special category of people, and each one has a unique place in the running of the NHS.

We would have been lost without their efforts during the pandemic and I got to know first hand the momentous effort our own hospital had put in and it must of been heartbreaking to have so many die from Covid 19, but they carried on because they knew we depended on them and some of them were working long past their own shift ending as they wanted to make a difference and make a difference they did.

I commented to our CEO that he looked exhausted and know that the effort he made was above and beyond that expected, and I know with our own hospital group that our health needs are safe in his hands, as he genuinely cares and he loves the NHS and the people who work in our hospital have his total respect and he has mine.

The NHS joins a unique club along with Malta and the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) and has proved beyond any doubt that it is a force for good, and the Prime Minister and the Government need to acknowledge this not only by their words but by opening up the tax coffers. We cannot expect these amazing people and this wonderful institution to work with one hand tied behind its back and can you imagine the mess this country would have been in without them?

I am grateful to the scientists and I am grateful to the NHS. I was lucky I didn’t need them but I know some people who did and these angels on earth go above and beyond expectations to keep people alive and for me they are the perfect example of Valour.

When the rest of us were behind our doors and not going out, the NHS staff and all those associated with the NHS were running towards this murderous virus because they care. No one knows how they will react in a life and death situation but we can guarantee that the NHS will act with regards for our concern and our health. We really should keep this wonderful institute close to our hearts and thank the people who work in their everyday.

Her Majesty is our Head of State and she has by doing this recognised that the NHS like her is an institution that we are blessed to have, and I cannot say thank you enough to those people who put their own lives on their line, who put their own family life on hold and who held all our hands during the pandemic and said to us all “don’t worry I have got this”.

God save the Queen and thank you to all who work in the NHS as your humanity, kindness and bravery humbles us all and thank god for you.

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