Its a no to Dido Harding….and at last common sense has prevailed at the Department of Health.

The new Health Secretary Savid Javid has delighted a large swathe of the population by letting it beknown that Baroness Dido Harding is not in the running to take over as Chief Executive of the NHS.

Dido Harding lost a key ally when Matt Hancock resigned

I myself created a blog as to why she should not get it. This included her disastrous tenure with Test and Trace and which cost £37 billion to the taxpayer and is still rising. It never got off the ground and her heading up the whole thing was a disaster from beginning to end….infact we have not gotten to the end of it yet, and it is a vanity project that needs binning as it is of no use to man nor beast.

The decision to reject her candidacy is one of Mr Javid’s first major decisions since he took over as Health Secretary. The news comes after well-placed sources said that Amanda Pritchard, the chief operating officer of the NHS, is in prime position to take over from Sir Simon Stevens.  

One insider described Ms Pritchard as ‘very highly rated’ and said a ‘two-horse race’ between her and Baroness Harding has now just left her in the running.  The former chief executive of TalkTalk had vowed to use her private sector experience, along with her existing links with ministers, if she were to get the NHS role. There were also fears that her stewardship of the £37billion Test and Trace system would create future political problems for the Government.  It was branded the ‘most wasteful and inept public spending programme of all time’ by the former head of the Treasury.     (daily mail).

As CEO of Talk Talk she presided over the leak of thousands of customer accounts including their bank details, and which resulted in a heavy fine and the loss of those customers, and a drop in the number of contracts and the share price, but the worst thing was the theft from the bank accounts of customers who had expected their details to remain private and secure.

I myself worked there when this was going on and quite often customers would say “don’t put me through to India or South Africa” as they had trouble understanding their complaint and yet that was the only ruling we had, and it was not unusual for the poor customer to have been put through a dozen times by staff and their temper was fraying. This was about their missing money so up to the CEO office it was sent as nobody should have to listen to the horror stories of peoples accounts being emptied, and to listen to someone crying because their accounts had been cleared out through the fault of the phone company was heartbreaking.

There was very little instruction coming down from the top infact I got into trouble more than once for putting the customer through to the CEO complaints desk but I taught customer service and when it is that bad, they want someone in charge and not just a help desk. So knowing the customer is always right…I put them through. I used to coach them and say “you had tried the other departments and nothing happened”, and if that was repeated back…then the CEO complaints department had incoming.

It is arrogant to think that any one person is bigger than the company and a company can only survive when it gives the best of care to their clients, and holds their hands up when they have done wrong. To ignore the problem and have people actually visit the place which a lot did…then that shows you how wrong the leadership were and how little was understood about the needs of a client. Don’t ever forget from the Receptionist on the front desk right up to the CEO’s huge office….it is the client paying your wages and to treat them with anything other than respect is a failing on the executive team and the CEO…..not the clients.

I am sure the Baroness is a very nice woman but being friends with your university chums does not mean you are the right person for the job, and Savid Javid knew this and has blocked her basically. This was a brilliant move on his part and one that will be applauded, as can you imagine the state it would get into when the person wanting the role wants to approach it as if a private business. Wrong….it is not a private business but a continuing changing system and where the rules cannot be set in stone. After all, can they offer a refund if someone gets the wrong treatment? Would the help desk then be sent off shore? That sent chills through my spine reading that comment and then I thought…nope wrong person for the role as it needs someone who can steer the ship through the worst of times, and where the staff need confidence in their leader. Chums of chums do not give out much of a confidence when you learn as a hard working staff member that the top chair got it because of a University place years ago.

It needs someone who is already a CEO or a Doctor, Professor of Medicine etc. Someone we can have faith in and the NHS deserve that too. They need to know that the head of the organisation knows how it is run and can back them and the systems up and Dido Harding was not that person.

I am absolutely certain that she will walk into yet another highly paid executive role as it seems to be a constant merry go round where the prize is millions in the bank. Maybe it is about time these executive hook a duck roles were thought of more carefully too.

I call it hook a duck as it seems they can just hook a job anywhere and their experience? Very little. Yet it seems that when someone is going for a mere secretarial role you have to provide experience, after experience, after experience. Maybe it is a good idea for companies to put the same effort into finding a good CEO as they do with finding excellent staff.

All I can say is that I am delighted that Savid Javid has made this decision. It seems Wondering Hands Hancock was the ticket in for Harding as they were chums of chums, and how crazy is this….he wanted someone who was not a Doctor and who would not create difficulties for him. That alone shows how unsuitable she was for the role as anyone worth their salt would argue till the cows come home for a better NHS.

As I said don’t feel sorry for Baroness Harding, there is the princely sum of £324 a day tax free handouts if she sits in the Lords, and then no doubt we will be hearing shortly how she has walked into yet another role but that is fine…just so long as she leave the running of the NHS to the experts then everything will be good.

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