Shame on those scientists..

Who lied to the world to protect their earnings and their payments from China. It seems the millions of deaths from Covid 19, the same virus made in a Wuhan lab doesn’t matter to these morally corrupt people….its all about their money.

We should demand they appear before a court of law as it is outrageous and dangerous to spout the lies that it came from a wet market.

This is a Chinese virus made in a Chinese lab and I am very skeptical that it even escaped without help…..

It is a known fact the Chinese Military are working at the labs in China, and no doubt creating the next God-awful plague to hit mankind..give it 5 years and we will be hit again because they are testing biological weapons. It is all  part of their master plan to take the Far East.

By the way….their disgusting wet markets should be shut down. Its vile, inhumane and shouldn’t be allowed.

I wonder what the true figure of casualties in China is from their ungodly creation, but sadly we will never know that as they are expendable to the Communist state and all we see are the lies, PR and Spin from a very dangerous entity.

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