Child rapists should have no human rights…

The Rochdale and Rotherham rapists have still not been deported. Nearly 2000 girls were raped, passed around like dirt and abused whilst the Council, Social Services and the Police did nothing.

Why are they still here? When you abuse a child, you should have no rights and it is time the Home Secretary got rid of this garbage from our shores.

I am fed up of monsters such as these playing the system whilst doing untold damage to children. Pity it was not a short drop instead of a insulting prison sentence. Execution is how their own country deals with rapists….maybe we should import that instead.

Time to get rid and take all those who in positions of authority, and who turned a blind eye as these enablers are not required here either.

Now these girls need to know that the rapist scum have been deported, and next on the list the enablers as they should get prison sentences for their failures despite knowing it was happening. Bottom feeders absolute 💯 % bottom feeders.

Shame on the police, shame on social services and shame on the council as you could have stopped all this, but instead decided to protect your own reputation rather than the girls raped, as they were worried at being called racists. Dear God when did such wet wipes cowards get into power…….

Come on Home Secretary do one thing in your life instead of the usual hot air….

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