Children should not be exposed to these dangers.

When a person who is reporting to be a transgender female exposes their penis to children in a female changing room, these children are definitely being put at risk. Mothers take their young children both male and female into the changing rooms as it should be a safe place to get changed. Obviously not at Wi Spa in California….

A video which went viral earlier this week shows the woman – who goes by the name CubanaAngel on Instagram – confronting Wi Spa staff about the incident, during which she claimed the individual deliberately flashed his penis to women and little girls.

Another man in the clip defends the alleged culprit, suggesting that the woman is transphobic for making the complaint. What bloody planet is this man on. The safety of the children far outweigh any rights for an adult.

Reporting on the story, CBS Los Angeles asked Bamby Salcedo, CEO of the TransLatin@ Coalition, for her reaction to the clip and apparently, opposing men showing their genitalia to children is an act of “violence” now. How much do you want to bet this individual has no children and people like that make me sick. It seems it is ok to them to put children at risk…….

Where is the right of the child to be able to go into a changing room and not have to see a penis on display. This is nothing more than child abuse as failure to stop children being exposed to this rests solely on the shoulders of the politicians who pander to the far left. Shame on them. CEO of Trans Group Labels Woman Who Complained About Man Exposing Genitals to Kids “Horrible” – Nwo Report

It is not evil for any parent to want to protect their child and shame on those establishments who subject children to this as safety for the youngest and weakest members in our society should trump anything else. I can see another company going bankrupt as parents will not put up with this.

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