Windows 11 is it all just a ploy???

Just downloaded a Windows 11 compatibility tool from only to find that both our Dell Latitude Laptop, i7 processor running 16GB RAM, with a SSD and Dell Optiplex Desktop, i5 processor running 16GB RAM again with an SSD and a Nvidia 2GB graphic card are not good enough to run Windows 11!!!

That means all of the other computers within our family have no chance.

So, when support for Windows 10 ends on 14th October 2025 will we all have to buy new computers in order to run Windows 11? 

That is going to be some cost to households and an outlandish cost to business and industry not forgetting the wasteful disposal of Windows 10 compatible computers. 

Between now and then I am sure a lot of people will be looking at Linux based operating systems.

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