Sleaze and fraud at the Health Department

Why is Matt Hancock awarding Government Contracts to the brother of his latest piece of fluff?

If it smells like BS, sleaze and fraud then there needs to be a full investigation. Giving OUR money to his latest squeezes brother should never have been allowed.

Hancock cannot walk away from this….there are questions that need answering, and under police caution if necessary.

This is always the problem with Tory Governments, the sleaze just continues to rear its ugly head….and I vote Tory.

Am sick of the lot of them…all politicians. They go into it not for our benefit but their bank account.

Looks like that swamp filled up again….rapidly.

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2 thoughts on “Sleaze and fraud at the Health Department

  1. The Issue is Susan, if there was a general election tomorrow you would still vote for tbem. They have no incentive to clean up their act because they are so high in the polls


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