When the Vice President bends the truth….

There has been a lot of fanfare today that the Vice President Kamala Harris is going to the border. What they are not telling you is that she is going to visit The El Paso airport which is 17 and a half hours from the border and nowhere near the border and its problems. This is nothing more than a con trick to fool the electorate.

No doubt the mainstream lefty media will herald that she has done the border visit, but in reality she will have done anything but.

It should be totally interesting next week when former POTUS Donald Trump goes to the border, and then and only then will we see the disastrous result that the Biden Administration open border policy on the USA, and how it has wrecked the area, and that they have let in more people in 4 months than the Trump Administration did in 30 months, and this administration has admitted that there has been murderers, drug runners, violent people and paedophiles who have crossed the border again, despite being kicked out under Trump.

Seems the Biden/Harris administration has put the United States at Risk.

Diagrams c/o Independent Sentinel.

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