Sleazy Hancock has to go….

I am not calling for his resignation due to being a dreadful health secretary and he is….lets face it, he has presided over the worst PPE contracts ever and one that has enriched his friends and friends of other ministers time and again. It doesn’t matter which party is in power, they will always do that and they end up with a job in the same company that profited from them. Who would have guessed it eh!.

We listened day in and day out where this man told us we were not to touch our relatives and hugs were off the list and we did as we were told because they frightened us into it.

I hated the fact that I could not see my grandchildren for so long and it broke my heart. Nearly a year went by before we could see them other than skype and before we could hug them. My two eldest have grown so much and my eldest grandson is now towering above me and I have missed all of that.

I will never get that time back again and with children it is so very important that you see and spend time with them so much, as one day you turn around and they are adults and getting on with their own lives. We gave all of that up because the people in power told us that to save our family, our friends and the wider community we had to lock ourselves in.

I lost a year in the life of my mother. She is 80 now and I know I don’t have that many years left with her but to keep her safe, my mother and no doubt millions of elderly were restricted to just telephone calls, skype and no visit. The logistics of getting my son in law to get the shopping I had delivered for her and her neighbour (and I am forever grateful) was a nightmare sometimes, and I can remember the tears as she was so fed up……but we did it as we were told nightly that it was the right thing to do.

How galling that it now seems that Hancock had other things on his ahem mind and hands.

Well we did that and I am fuming, absolutely fuming that whilst we as a country, we as a community were locked up and policed in effect because how many times did we read that some people had been arrested for daring to meet up with loved ones, and the health secretary was backing them…to then see this in our papers and lets face it….this would not be the first time. It is the first time he has been caught.

This is the image that has left Matt Hancock fighting for his job today that appears to show him kissing his millionaire aide - who is on the public payroll - in the corridor outside his office in May this year
This is the image that has left Matt Hancock fighting for his job today that appears to show him kissing his millionaire aide – who is on the public payroll – in the corridor outside his office in May this year

It seems that Matt Hancock has been getting tippy toey with a woman who is ON OUR PAYROLL….. we are paying for the Health Secretary and his mistress to carry on at our expense, and doing this in a Government building that we pay for and when he has told us to stay away from everyone.

It is galling that this woman got the job with no experience and all because the Health Secretary fancied a bit during working hours. Mr Hancock’s kiss with Ms Coladangelo, a mother-of-three whose husband Oliver Tress is the founder of clothing shop Oliver Bonas, is alleged to have taken place in the corridor outside his office at the Department for Health’s headquarters in central London at around 3pm on May 6 this year – the day of the UK local elections and a week after his first coronavirus jab.  

Mr Hancock is said to have checked the corridor is clear before closing the door, leaning on it to stop it opening before launching into their passionate embrace. The Sun claims they have been having an affair that has been the talk of the department – but it is not known if they remain in a relationship that was a secret until today.  

Mr Hancock said sorry for breaking social distancing and asked for 'privacy' for his family, but refused to resign as Health Secretary
Paying a £1,000 a day for this groping…that is the cost to us taxpayers.

This woman pockets £15,000 from us for 15 days work. THAT IS ONE THOUSAND POUNDS A DAY TO DO NO MORE THAN HAVE A BIT WITH THE HEALTH SECRETARY. That is taking the terminology of take everything I say down…too far.

The Health Secretary, 42, has been seen having a passionate clinch with millionaire lobbyist Gina Coladangelo (pictured here with Matt Hancock outside Downing Street in May), according to The Sun

The Prime Minister says he has apologised….and it is closed. It bloody well is not Boris. This is sleaze of the highest form. He is paying his lover out of our pocket. He is giving her whatever in a building we pay for and during a pandemic that we were told daily to keep away from people.

By the way his mistress has absolutely no training to be the top aide in the Health Department,, no social worker training, no working in the health care sector, no NHS nothing….she just helped her husband in his business for a bit…… wonder what it is about her that he has employed……hmmmmm?????

He has been a disaster from day one. We read how his pub landlord got a multi million pound contract for PPE and that was overlooked due to the Covid crisis, the lack of testing for our elderly generation, the putting back into care homes of elderly people suffering with Covid resulting in a surge, and we all listened and accepted that this is a pandemic and that no one had lived through this before, and were having to make it up as we went along because we had to change to accommodate it, but this is one step too many.

Mrs Hancock must be so humiliated and I feel so sorry for the wife and the children as no doubt she will be paraded for the cameras. That always reminds me of a scene from Little Britain where the corrupt sleazy MP has his wife and family at the gate explaining that he tripped and fell into the latest sleaze. If you get the chance watch it….this is what will happen to poor Mrs Hancock, and no doubt Mr Tress her husband is not too happy either but I agree that is a private matter between them. Until and I know it is coming Mr Hancock stands there holding his wife’s hand….it is sleaze, sleaze and sleaze and he should be fired, and his mistress should also be fired.

He has handed over our money to his lover, used a taxpayer funded building to carry on his nasty little affair and done it at time when he was telling us do not go near our loved ones. Guess he got his loved ones mixed up between his wife and his bit of fluff and as I stated this is not the first time. It is just the first time he has been caught and people probably just got fed up with this going on.

I really don’t care what these people get up to in their private lives but not on our taxpayer funded time and certainly not when we are constantly threatened with more lockdowns.

He is a disaster and Boris is wrong that it is over. It isn’t and if Boris does not pull his finger out he will lose more than the one seat he has as the people see the same sleaze in this government as they see in any other one, and enough is enough.

I was going to say if Hancock had any honour he would fall on his sword…but then the only small dagger he is thinking of is the one in his pants and he has no honour. He needs to go and I am going to back Labour, The Liberals and any other party calling for him to fired.

Its the sleaze and hypocrisy I don’t like and not on my time and certainly not on my taxes, and shaking my head that the only thing Hancock is concerned about is who leaked the tape. MI5 is going to be called in.

I am glad that this tape was leaked as it showed what a hypocritical sleazebag the health secretary is and it is time for him to be kicked out, as he is not fit to represent the office of high state as it seems he is more concerned with getting his end away then actually working for the benefit of this country. He cannot no longer be saved and he needs pushing…….

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