Where is the justice for a 7 week old beaten to death by his father.

Another day and another monster has been jailed for killing his child.

Brian Penn with Kaleb
Brian Penn (pictured left with Kaleb) 

This monster beat his son so hard that it killed him. His beautiful 7 week old son, and he gets jail time for what equates to a manslaughter charge. Another case of someone who should be sterilised to make sure he does not do it again. After all do it once…you are capable of doing it again and we cannot risk any more children dying because they are being born to this monster.

Now I am not a lawyer but manslaughter? Where is the murder sentence…life or in my preferred world hanging from a rope following 3 clear Sundays.

The baby suffered a skull fracture, a bleed to the brain, a serious brain injury and fractured ribs and was so badly injured, he died two days later at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. Medics described his injuries as only seen after a ‘fall from a height or road traffic incident’. 

I am getting sick and tired of children being beaten to death by the very people who are supposed to protect them, and it really is about time we had proper sentencing as this murdering scumbag will be out in 6. The baby would be just over 6 years old then if he had lived.

Why not jail him for what could be considered the child’s natural life…say 80 years?

He beat a baby….a 7 week old baby to death. At 7 weeks maybe the only thing they can do is hold up their little heads. They certainly cannot fight back against a grown 30 year old man who is beating him to death.

I hope that he meets a really big man in jail who loves his mum, loves his children and hates child murderers and that this murderer is frightened everyday whilst he is in there, and I hope that he meets the real justice as 12 years is not justice and it is an insult to those of us who hold our children so dear.

Brian Penn was originally charged with murder and attempted murder but was found guilty of culpable homicide and assault following his trial at the High Court in Glasgow. I wish we were more like the United States of America as this monster would not see the late of day again.

Why should we have to pay for his upkeep with 3 meals a day, a warm bed, medical and dental help and god knows which bleeding hearts brigade society lining up to “work” with him. Why should we pay for that when this beautiful little boy had his life snatched away at 7 weeks.

7 weeks is 49 days folks and that is 1,176 hours, 70,560 minutes….that is all this monster allowed this poor boy before he beat him to death with his own hands.

Where is capital punishment when you need it……..

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