Well I met one….I actually met one……

What is it I met today….a self entitled git who needs lessons in manner and driving!!

Let me explain…..

Needed to go to the shop to get some bits for my cats and even though I am disabled I will not take up any of the parking spaces specified for the disabled, as I will use my walking sticks to get to the door and am always thinking that there are worse people than me and like to leave the space for them.

Well today….I actually saw the most self entitled moron park his top of the range Range Rover in one of the only two disabled parking spaces. There was only one space that was left for a disabled driver and there were parking spaces elsewhere….infact there was plenty of parking available……but not this entitled young brat……he wanted the space right outside the door.

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Out he gets with no sign of disability, but I am always aware that there are some disabilities that you cannot see but nope….there was no blue disability card. He just got out taking up the very valuable space and denying the space to someone who needed it, as without access to the space a disabled person can often not park their car as having to walk across a car park can be exhausting, or they needed to get to the disabled wheelchair that stores have. It is not easy at all when you are disabled to even do something so easy as shopping.

So, me being on my disability crusade stated to Mr Points of Sue that was definitely a disabled parking space and he really should of thought of others, lets not forget he denied a disabled person the right to park their car. So, he pressed the button on his expensive car and the boot opened, and another part lowered and he put in his heavy shopping with no difficulty and there was bags and bags of shopping.

Then, when finished he got in his car and promptly left the car park going the wrong way and way too fast forcing another car to swerve from him and the language was blue from his car to the person who was driving the right way..I had never seen anything like it before.

Not only that but he had just pushed his trolley back and decided that parking it back properly was not for him and instead he just pushed the trolley across both piles of trollies, and left it there at an angle that made it difficult to take others back. This caused distress to the poor woman who was behind him and who had to try and push his trolley in first to then park hers, luckily a chap came to her rescue and helped her as the one thing that people forget is that shopping is not so easy for those with disabilities, and this lady was taking up the other disabled spot as is the right thing, and even putting something back like a trolley can be a terribly difficult thing to do, and I should know as I struggle so much with it that Mr Points of Sue is the one to do it for us.

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What really shocked me is that this young man was aware of what he was doing and didn’t care. He didn’t care that he had taken up the only free disabled space without thought for those less fortunate than him, and then created mayhem when he was living as he could have caused a crash when he took off like a bat out of hell, and I hope he doesn’t kiss his mother with that mucky mouth.

Surely, it is about time supermarkets took photographs of those cars who abuse the parking system and who will take away an area that is specifically for people with disabilities, and fine them as the parking area is not a right but something the store will offer and if you abuse it…..you are not allowed to use it again. I have seen some people struggle so much with their shopping when someone has taken the space meant for them, and thankfully I am always with Mr Points of Sue or my daughter to go shopping as I would struggle too, but I can walk those few extra yards to the door….what about those who can’t? What do they do???

Surely basic human polite behaviour would tell a person that they are there for people in need. Even if we go to a car park and the only area available is mum and tot….or disabled, we will not use as there are others in much greater need than us.

Whatever happened to manners and thinking of those less fortunate than ourselves? Sadly this young man had neither and really needs lessons in not only manners, but also the speed limit and how to exit a car park the right and safe way as which ever way you look at it, he is rude, arrogant, bad mouthed and a danger in his car.

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