Incapable of answering a simple question…

If he veers from the well rehearsed set of pre approved questions, then you can see Biden has problems and his cognitive ability is already severely impaired and it is getting harder to continue the con that he the President is all there mentally speaking.

It is shameful of the Democrats to put this old decrepit man forward on the World stage, and not only that but putting him in a stressful position as that will only exacerbate his dementia.

Dear God Vladamir is going to eat him alive, and that is why the Biden administration have decided he WILL NOT give a joint interview.

As they know and we know his cognitive weakness will be on show, and he will stumble and fall on his answers and he will regardless of having or not having a joint interview, prove that the President of the United States of America is a weak and very feeble man, and it is 100% certain that all the questions would have had to have been submitted already.

That is why Biden and the Democrats won’t have a joint conference as they know the Russian journalists will ask what they want to, and not stick with a plan, and can you imagine the massive coup if they show him for how he really is? The decision is already under way and The Russian Government will do their upmost to catch him out, and to be honest it won’t take much.

This will embolden the enemies of democracy as with him in charge, they have nothing to fear.

How can they continue to lie to the American public, and bat off calls for a medical for the President. If anything he should have one and put that too bef..but he won’t and they are resisting calls for it to done. Despite demanding it and getting it from President Donald Trump. Do they think the world’s worst secret won’t get out??

Hypocrisy all over again….and again…and again….

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