The Democracy of the World during WW2…were there no other countries…

Fighting? Biden is now comparing himself to a War President….Bit of an insult to a real War President.

Wow how to insult the very people who welcomed you to their country in the last couple of days. If my history is right….there was Britain, France, Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and the brave men and women who had fled occupied Europe to fight in the allied Armed Forces.

America you need to stop him speaking.. just stop him before he makes fools of you any further, and insults and damages the “special relationship”, which he has done already by trying to dictate to us.

Don’t ever remember Biden being on the United Kingdom ballot paper, by the way I wish he would stop with the Irish ancestry….most of his relatives come from England, and it is a couple of hundred years since the Irish ones…mine are more recent, and yes I am English….very very English and Great British.

Still….no votes in it for you eh Joe!! Always spin, PR and lies to grab a vote, but get away from the delusion you are a War President….as you are not.

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