Another day and still no Kamala….

Kamala Harris hasn’t been to the border nor Europe apparently……queue her hysterical laughter……What sort of crass stupid reply is that? I cannot believe you voted for these two…I really can’t. Do you not care that the World is laughing at your choice of leadership.

Rumors swirl about Kamala Harris' mental health as she keeps bursting into uncontrolled fits of laughter

Another day and no Kamala at the border, and you won’t see her there as the people of the United States of America will see how out of control the border is, how out of control the people smuggling is… the way…..95 sex offenders have been caught coming in to the United States of America in a short space of time (half of them had already been deported under Donald Trump), and they waited until Biden and Harris opened the borders up to come back in. As they knew under Trump they would not get in.

All it shows is the bottom feeders in any society waited until the weakest President you could vote for… in, and then they knew they could start their vile trade. They must of been laughing all the way to the bank.

Children are being smuggled to become prostitutes as are young women, and other children are drug mules. To say Biden and Harris care about the children is entirely wrong…..they don’t.

The Biden administration have already admitted they are not sure how many sex offenders, drug runners or people smugglers have managed to get into the States….so you need to keep your children safe, and why!!!! Because your President and Vice President have left the most vile people in, and they don’t seem to have any idea of how to stop it. If they did they would have been there from day one.

After all they will have done their job of wrecking the States before much longer as rapes, murders, assaults are up over 600% and that is a lower estimate than the true one. 21 people died in New York in 24 hours….is that really what you want?

Thats your reality folks….

Under Donald Trump this did not happen as they controlled immigration and yet the Democrats are more concerned with the immigrants, than the people who they are supposed to represent. Funny how the Democrats are not kicking off about the failures of Biden…

When these vile people have their feet under the table, and start to ply their vile habits on the people…..dont blame ICE, don’t blame the Police and instead blame the President and his cackling Vice President…..

Who will go the border one day…yeah right!!! She won’t go as it will show they have lost control….and they have. Never mind where’s Wally….Where’s Kamala and we know where she isn’t …

Rumors Swirl About President Harris’ Mental State After She Bursts Into ANOTHER Uncontrolled Laughing Fit – News Punch

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