A plea to watch….

There is an amazing you tube channel called Special Books by Special Kids, and they are really special amazing human beings.

These beautiful young people are fighting the cruellest of diseases, and they do so with much grace, laughter and smiles as is humanly possible.

I was having a painful day till my friend sent me this link and asked me to share this, and she is right in what she says…..In this world where we barely seem to tolerate each other, there are a group of young people who are simply a joy to be with, and who ask for nothing more than acceptance.

In a world that seems dominated by hate, just go onto this you tube channel and share in their joy, their laughter and their amazing personalities. It will make our squabbles petty, mean spirited and just nasty.

These young people on the videos are just sweet, darling angels and let’s get their videos out to show that we do care, and take them into our hearts.

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