I wonder how many Democrats now have buyers remorse…

You seriously cannot think Kamala Harris is good at her job? Or even worse Joe Biden…..

We have her laughing maniacally and Joe Biden forgetting who, where and what he is…

The so called leaders of the Free World look 3rd rate at most, and no way would the likes of China or Russia be nervous of them, even the obnoxious one in North Korea laughed when he found out who got in…. They would only have to take away Bidens speeches and he is screwed, or ask Harris a question she cannot answer to reduce her to laughter.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jingping must have thrown a party when this dippy duo were elected, because they know and we know Biden and Harris will do the square root of nothing to stop their aggression, and the poorest of people will suffer because of their inability to act.

Please America don’t do this again as the world cannot afford your mistakes

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