Forget politics, embrace the music…..

Let the world heal through music….I can concur with these lovely young people as the look on their faces is wonderful when they hear the voice of a maestro, and even being of an age at where I was able to collect Pavarotti’s music whilst still alive….to hear him sing Nessum Dorma brings tears to my eyes….every time.

It is as if I am listening to the voice of an angel.

This music does not know hate, does not know colour, doesn’t care if you are rich or poor….it is just there to touch your soul, and it gives you that feeling of peacefulness, and something we can ALL appreciate.

Pavarotti may be gone but his voice is eternal….and this is the music of all languages, as we all understand greatness when we hear it.

The Rt Hon Jacob Rees Mogg…

Absolutely destroys the pimple faced oik who as a guest here demanded the removal of HM The Queens portrait, and the pathetic woke lecturers who are refusing to teach unless the Rhodes statue is removed. Won’t give back the money left by Rhodes for scholarships though will they? Hypocrites.

God help our young people who have these wet blankets teaching them, but how caring….they want to ruin a young person’s future for their own wet woke leftist claptrap.

If they won’t do the job these young people pay for…SACK THEM.

I really hope we are looking at a future Prime Minister as he shows how to behave in our Parliament, and puts the pathetic left in their place…the bin and does it with such a gentlemanly manner.

Critical Race Theory…

In our schools and places of education are worrying, especially when a racist psychopath wants to kill a white person for just being white.

This dangerous racist should be locked up….never mind taking part in a lecture at Yale. No wonder they wouldn’t release the topic.

People like that racist bigot are a disgrace and it is child abuse forcing young minds to listen to this…and those who invite her are enablers.

Harris cannot avoid it forever…

What am I talking about?? Yep the border.

What could have been a storm in a teacup for a couple of days, has now blown up into a full political tsunami as the Republicans know that Biden and Harris are lying about the crisis, and when she finally tips up with the cameras in tow…the rest of America will know.

Except those who watch CNN….there is no crisis at the border in their leftist woke snowflake media world, and they will do the usual either be untruthful or cover it up. If you want the real truth then don’t want CNN.

That is why she will go everywhere but the border, because the voters will see what liars this current administration is.

You can run Kamala but you can’t hide from the mess that you and Joe Biden have made.

Thinking of HM The Queen..

On the day that would have been her beloved husband’s 100th birthday.

There was much sadness at the passing of a man who had dedicated all his adult life to this country. Whether it was fighting bravely in WW2 or being the very rock Her Majesty relied on…his passing was felt by many.

I wish Her Majesty much love on what must be a very sad time.

I wonder how many Democrats now have buyers remorse…

You seriously cannot think Kamala Harris is good at her job? Or even worse Joe Biden…..

We have her laughing maniacally and Joe Biden forgetting who, where and what he is…

The so called leaders of the Free World look 3rd rate at most, and no way would the likes of China or Russia be nervous of them, even the obnoxious one in North Korea laughed when he found out who got in…. They would only have to take away Bidens speeches and he is screwed, or ask Harris a question she cannot answer to reduce her to laughter.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jingping must have thrown a party when this dippy duo were elected, because they know and we know Biden and Harris will do the square root of nothing to stop their aggression, and the poorest of people will suffer because of their inability to act.

Please America don’t do this again as the world cannot afford your mistakes

Am going out on a limb here……

Two Palestinian families are in court in Jerusalem to try to stave off evictions.

Now I am very pro Israel but find this wrong. Evicting people from their houses just because they are not Israeli is wrong. It is against their human rights and this is one part of the Israeli law I have never agreed with.

This will further inflame a situation and it needs to be descaled and this will not do it.

This is forced expulsion and it is wrong.

What harm are these families doing living in their own homes? You cannot force a family out just because they are not Jews and then hand it to someone else….this is wrong.

I hope they win and don’t have to move, but I doubt it and that does not sit well with me….as everyone has a right to live in their own home.