Why is this man even considered?

Yet another day of the wokeararty getting offended by something. Gosh is must be tiring to be them and I should imagine they are offended because they get out of bed. Permanently offended at being permanently offended…these fools are exhausting.

The latest offering of a first class idiot comes from across the pond.

A very privileged Matthew Katzman is defending the removal of HM the Queen from Oriel College, Oxford. He states that she is white privilege and that she represents the imperialism.

Lets have a look at Katzman and his own white privilege.

He attended a school that costs $48,000 a year. Don’t see many people being able to afford that. So yep white privilege.

He grew up in an affluent area where the majority of politicians and high earners live. No living amongst the poor black people for him. so yet again white privilege.

The school he attended is the same one that Obama sent his kids to and of which Biden grandchildren attended. So, again a school for only the privileged few of high learners. No poor children going to that school.

He is now attending Oxford University where only the privileged few can go unless you are on a grant. Again, the height of privilege as those who are working class cannot afford to go, but then Katzman Sr is a partner in commercial law at Steptoe and Johnson, and I should imagine he has spoilt this persistently offended son since birth.

Amazing how he is not offended at the life he and his family have, that mega mega rich and comfortable life So, yes we can see this permanently offended oik is one of the very privileged white individuals.

There is nothing more hypocritical than a very rich woke fool getting worked over something that does not concern him.

Matthew Katzman, 25, in a photo from his social media page

What this woke idiot does not realise is that HM The Queen heads up a commonwealth that is based on WANTING to join and wanting to be a member. HM The Queen has done more to make us a family of nations than any other living individual, and people have joined because of her, and her grace enabled those nations who felt outsiders to realise that they are much loved members of a very big global family, but then this woke idiot cannot see it as he is too busy being offended at being offended. This is what happens when a brat never hears the word NO.

What galls me is that he is a visitor to this country and therefore should respect our laws and our traditions, and above all respect our Head of State when he is here. I wouldn’t dream of going to the United States of America and demanding the removal of the Flag, nor a portrait of the Head of State, however much I might dislike them as it is offensive to the citizens of that country, and he is being offensive to we the subjects of the Queen.

He is allowed to criticise her as much as the next person but not to demand the removal of any portrait. That is nothing more than a spoilt little brat wanting to make his mark and he needs throwing out of the country as he has offended this country. The majority of people love our Royal Family and adore our Queen and to have a foreigner of all people leading this up is totally insulting. He needs to go back to his country and leave us alone as he is a guest here and nothing else. Rip up his student visa Boris……

I hope the world sees him for what he really is, and that is just a spoilt permanently offended fool and when he finally gets into the real world he will realise that people really don’t care one jot for his hurt little fee fees, then maybe he will realise what he is and how wonderfully delicious to know that this world is going to eat him alive.

The Prime Minister needs to kick this individual out of this country as disrespecting HM the Queen in such a way means that his presence is no longer required.

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