Just when Starmer didn’t think it could get any worse….it has…..

Seems Sir Keir Starmer is disliked as much as Jeremy Corbyn and even I thought that would have been damn near impossible, but yet he has managed it.

Satisfaction with Sir Keir's performance has tumbled to minus 29 - on a par with the figure recorded by his left-wing predecessor after 14 months in charge of the party

Labour will continue to lose because they have leaders such as this:-

Tories say Keir Starmer is 'losing the plot' by backing 'woke' causes that are not supported by the public. Pictured, the Labour leader taking the knee with deputy Angela Rayner

We don’t like to see our Leaders capitulate to the mob, but instead prefer a strong leader and then there is his time as the Director of Public Prosecutions. One where he refused to prosecute Jimmy Saville or the Grooming Gangs, and where he actively defended IRA and ISIS terrorists. So, that’s the man of law and order.


Then there is the saying nothing whilst the vilest of anti-semetism was going on, and he would have been quite prepared to have worked in the Government of a terrorist supporting anti-semite, and people can see this. They can see what sort of hypocrite he was and is.

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He has no idea of what it takes to be a Leader of the party, but then when he was DPP they only received a 12% approval rating because he was in charge, and he has managed it again. He has taken an institution and thrown it into the bin. How does he do it!!

Now don’t get me wrong I am delighted but I can remember the days of old with Neil Kinnock and Tony Benn. They were at least understanding of the people but Starmer has no idea, and he never will have.

He is out of his depth and out of favour. This started when he was the man responsible for changing Labour from a leave to a remain party. Corbyn has spent years arguing against the EU and if he had listened to his own judgement who knows…..Again, I am delighted that he fell under the spell of Starmer and totally came up with this insane idea of pursuing a deal and then voting against it. How crazy but then Labour is full of bonkers people.

He has promoted the likes of Naz Shah who is openly anti-semetic, and who tells those who have been victims of grooming and rape to shut up for diversity, and who tweets her vileness as well as attending rallies against Israel, well it is supposed to be against Israel but she blasts Jewish people because she is an anti-semetic.

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He has carried on with more or less the same people on his shadow front bench that Corbyn had. So, the racists, the anti-Semites and the terrorist supporters that put us off the first time round, and he still does nothing when McDonnell or Abbott come up with their British hating bilge, and then allows race baiters such as David Lammy and Dawn Butler to spout their endless drivel and do nothing again, even when they back those rioting and terrorising. When will he learn that decent, hard working British people do not want to listen to their garbage.

He stands by and does nothing when his own MPs break the lockdown laws and join the protests of BLM, actively promoting the damage, the rioting, the defacing of our statues and trying to bring down our British history. He stood there and did nothing. Should not the Leader of the Opposition actually stand up for the British people? What a novel thought eh Sir Keir!

Starmer is from London and they were warned that the people would not tolerate another woke individual from the M25 orbital but yet again the Labour party ignored it and picked the one they were warned not too.

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People are not blind and they can see that the Labour party is controlled by the Unions who are hell bent on bringing this country to a stand still, and where with Labour in power we would be facing ruin. If the people can see it…why can’t the Labour party?

We are told that Angela Rayner is waiting in the wings as she feels powerful from the fact Starmer cannot sack her, and great…go ahead and that will make sure that a former Corbynista will never get into power and would lose even more seats than Corbyn did. The SNP could actually be the official opposition with 54 the way the other parties are going.

When Labour lose the Batley by-election that will take them down to 199 and dropping…..and the people of Great Britain view Starmer as less patriotic and we don’t like that in our leaders. He cannot change his spots and watching this is great for a political commentator.

So, well done to the Labour members who voted in Starmer and have made the Labour party even more unelectable, and grab your popcorn as the fall out will be epic and watch how they will turn on each other….its going to get nasty.

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