When will the FBI investigate Hunter Biden?

Another day and another email from the laptop of Hunter Biden.

It seems that a Romanian Businessman hired Biden and a former FBI director to represent him at a meeting with top American officials, and yep you guessed it….he levied his access through his father as the then Vice President to try and get this businessman off the charge.

Romanian real estate tycoon Gabriel Popoviciu was convicted in his home country in 2016 of bribing a university official to buy a 550-acre plot of government-owned land for a drastically reduced price. Popoviciu hired Hunter earlier that year as part of an influence campaign to persuade anti-corruption prosecutors to cut a deal or drop the case.

Emails show Hunter brought in political heavyweight and family friend Louis Freeh, the former director of the FBI, to use his U.S. law enforcement contacts for Popoviciu's advantage, and was offered a referral fee as a result

Biden was acting for a man who had charges of corruption against him, and who hired Hunter Biden because his father was Vice President. He is also accusing the Romanian Justice System of badly treating his client, and of course it goes without doubt that he was throwing accusations of corruption with the Romanian Justice System. That could of started a diplomatic incident and his father should have told him to walk away but he didn’t….because its money.

Why on earth is this not creating more of a fall out than just somebody like me blogging about it. Hunter Biden is dodgy and I don’t care what his dad say’s….he knows that he is and if you follow the money trail I should imagine that it doesn’t stop just at one Biden.

There were meetings set up with the American Ambassador to Romania and Hunter Biden brought in a family friend Louis Freeh, who just happened to be a former Director of the FBI and who was asked to use his enforcement contacts to Popovicius advantage. Of course there is always money involved (when is there never money involved with these type of people). Hunter and his colleagues also discussed a media campaign, including to major U.S. publication the Wall Street Journal, to support their client who was later found guilty of bribery.

Popoviciu was first mentioned in Hunter’s emails in September 2015. At the time Hunter worked at law firm Boies Schiller Flexner.  Firm partner Chris Boies wrote to Hunter and his business partner Devon Archer with the subject line ‘Popoviciu’, and the message: ‘Let’s discuss when convenient… One of my partners is best friends with the newly appointed Ambassador to Romania.’

The property tycoon didn’t appear again in Hunter’s inbox until May 2016, when he was on the brink of a bribery conviction in a Romanian court. Hunter and his colleagues scrambled into action, with then-Boies Schiller attorney Michael Gottlieb even seeking the help of then-US Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm in a last-ditch effort to stop the corruption conviction.

‘I have reached out to Klemm and asked him to help us broker the meeting [with Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors],’ Gottlieb wrote to Hunter on May 17, 2016. We should put together a persuasive deck with all the procedural and substantive defects in the indictment / case against Gabs, and we should also probably put together the start of what would be a press strategy. And we’ll want to line up the big names to bring over.’ http://www.dailymail.com

When are the FBI going to investigate this President’s son? He has more dodgy dealings than the Artful Dodger and he needs to be investigated, and if that dodgy son takes down his father then so be it. Wherever Hunter’s outstretched hand is, you can guarantee Dad knows.

After all…..there is still nothing said about the $50k a month he pocketed from Hungary and all arranged whilst flying in with his dad as Vice President. How kind of the taxpayers to pay for Hunter Biden’s working trips care of Air Force One. Something is rotten at the heart of the Whitehouse and there needs to be an investigation in to the males in the First Family.

When people everyday in the United States of America are working hard to put food on the table, keep a roof over their family’s head and in some cases having to work 2 jobs as the cost of living is going up and up, to then read that Hunter Biden who it seems did more of a crack pipe smoking than anything else was able to command huge fees and all because his dad was the then Vice President and now President. Said it before….it stinks.

It is about time the emails of Hunter Biden and all his financial dealings were laid open and bare and without the added protection of his father, because if it seems that there is a cover up again and again, and the President and his family should be without fault, especially as the President is able to make executive decisions that affects hundreds of millions of others, and he should not be allowed to cover for his son and his dodgy dealings.

Hunter and his colleagues scrambled into action, with then-Boies Schiller attorney Michael Gottlieb even seeking the help of then-US Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm in a last-ditch effort to stop the corruption conviction. 'I have reached out to Klemm and asked him to help us broker the meeting [with Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors],' Gottlieb wrote to Hunter on May 17, 2016
Hunter and his colleagues also discussed a media campaign, including to major US publication the Wall Street Journal, to support their client, who was later convicted of bribery
The following week Gottlieb wrote an email to Hunter saying that he had spoken to the US ambassador – but was reluctant to describe his conversation in an email. 'Hans called me to discuss a development that is best relayed over phone. Can we connect either tonight or first thing tomorrow? Bottom line is that we should proceed with requesting the meeting,' he wrote

This is an email flaunting international connections.

Flaunting his international connections two days before the conviction, Freeh wrote to Hunter on June 21: 'I will see my good friend, Ron Noble [the former secretary general of international police organization Interpol], in NY on Thursday and most likely he knows this DNA [Romanian anti-corruption office] chief prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kobesi, very well'
Freeh signed a retainer with Popoviciu and described in an email a plan to 'intervene with the special Romanian anti-corruption prosecutor' and even launch a propaganda campaign in the US
Despite the planned influence and media campaign, Hunter and his colleagues' attempts failed and Popoviciu was sentenced to nine years prison on June 23, 2016
Hunter Biden was hired by a Romanian tycoon later convicted of bribery - and represented him in meetings with top U.S. officials – emails from Hunter's laptop show

These two men have a case to answer and I understand a father protecting a son, but that father should not put that above the fact he is President and he owes it to the people to stand back and let the FBI do what they need to do, and if that leads to jail then it leads to jail as can you imagine the outrage if that was one of Donald Trumps children? The MSM would be screaming for justice and yet they seem to ignore this. Its alright when Joe and his family do it according to the mainstream media.

Corruption is too close to this President.

Just when Starmer didn’t think it could get any worse….it has…..

Seems Sir Keir Starmer is disliked as much as Jeremy Corbyn and even I thought that would have been damn near impossible, but yet he has managed it.

Satisfaction with Sir Keir's performance has tumbled to minus 29 - on a par with the figure recorded by his left-wing predecessor after 14 months in charge of the party

Labour will continue to lose because they have leaders such as this:-

Tories say Keir Starmer is 'losing the plot' by backing 'woke' causes that are not supported by the public. Pictured, the Labour leader taking the knee with deputy Angela Rayner

We don’t like to see our Leaders capitulate to the mob, but instead prefer a strong leader and then there is his time as the Director of Public Prosecutions. One where he refused to prosecute Jimmy Saville or the Grooming Gangs, and where he actively defended IRA and ISIS terrorists. So, that’s the man of law and order.


Then there is the saying nothing whilst the vilest of anti-semetism was going on, and he would have been quite prepared to have worked in the Government of a terrorist supporting anti-semite, and people can see this. They can see what sort of hypocrite he was and is.

Image result for Who Is Keir Starmer

He has no idea of what it takes to be a Leader of the party, but then when he was DPP they only received a 12% approval rating because he was in charge, and he has managed it again. He has taken an institution and thrown it into the bin. How does he do it!!

Now don’t get me wrong I am delighted but I can remember the days of old with Neil Kinnock and Tony Benn. They were at least understanding of the people but Starmer has no idea, and he never will have.

He is out of his depth and out of favour. This started when he was the man responsible for changing Labour from a leave to a remain party. Corbyn has spent years arguing against the EU and if he had listened to his own judgement who knows…..Again, I am delighted that he fell under the spell of Starmer and totally came up with this insane idea of pursuing a deal and then voting against it. How crazy but then Labour is full of bonkers people.

He has promoted the likes of Naz Shah who is openly anti-semetic, and who tells those who have been victims of grooming and rape to shut up for diversity, and who tweets her vileness as well as attending rallies against Israel, well it is supposed to be against Israel but she blasts Jewish people because she is an anti-semetic.

Image result for Keir Starmer Shadow Cabinet

He has carried on with more or less the same people on his shadow front bench that Corbyn had. So, the racists, the anti-Semites and the terrorist supporters that put us off the first time round, and he still does nothing when McDonnell or Abbott come up with their British hating bilge, and then allows race baiters such as David Lammy and Dawn Butler to spout their endless drivel and do nothing again, even when they back those rioting and terrorising. When will he learn that decent, hard working British people do not want to listen to their garbage.

He stands by and does nothing when his own MPs break the lockdown laws and join the protests of BLM, actively promoting the damage, the rioting, the defacing of our statues and trying to bring down our British history. He stood there and did nothing. Should not the Leader of the Opposition actually stand up for the British people? What a novel thought eh Sir Keir!

Starmer is from London and they were warned that the people would not tolerate another woke individual from the M25 orbital but yet again the Labour party ignored it and picked the one they were warned not too.

Image result for labour losers

People are not blind and they can see that the Labour party is controlled by the Unions who are hell bent on bringing this country to a stand still, and where with Labour in power we would be facing ruin. If the people can see it…why can’t the Labour party?

We are told that Angela Rayner is waiting in the wings as she feels powerful from the fact Starmer cannot sack her, and great…go ahead and that will make sure that a former Corbynista will never get into power and would lose even more seats than Corbyn did. The SNP could actually be the official opposition with 54 the way the other parties are going.

When Labour lose the Batley by-election that will take them down to 199 and dropping…..and the people of Great Britain view Starmer as less patriotic and we don’t like that in our leaders. He cannot change his spots and watching this is great for a political commentator.

So, well done to the Labour members who voted in Starmer and have made the Labour party even more unelectable, and grab your popcorn as the fall out will be epic and watch how they will turn on each other….its going to get nasty.

Harris just does not want to go….

To the Border and now that she is being called up on it, she tells people not to go to the Border as they are not welcome.

What is it to be Kamala…..you saying one thing and your President saying another.

Harris doubled-down that she will not be visting the border during her trip – or any time soon. 'I will continue to be focused on [addressing root causes of migration and corruption] as opposed to grand gestures'

Kamala Harris was given the task of reducing the number of people at the border, and to reduce the number of children who are kept in cages and to reduce the number of children who are separated from their parents, and she has done the square root of nothing and she just does not want to go.

She now says it will be nothing more than a PR stunt…..that is what she has now come up with as an excuse to not actually go.

Whats up Kamala don’t you want to see the mess you and Biden have made?

This is what the Republicans are thinking and they are not wrong….she is just avoiding the going to the Border and accepting that both her and Biden are responsible for this mess…

Republicans were not happy with Harris calling a trip to the border a ‘grand gesture.’ ‘Traveling to our Southern Border is not a grand gesture; it is her responsibility as the ‘Border Czar’ and Vice President of the United States,’ Republican Florida Representative Byron Donalds explained.

Vice President Harris is refusing to travel to the border because she will be forced to acknowledge the crisis she and the President have created if she does,’ he continued. ‘Local, State, and Federal leaders and law enforcement officials will be the first to let the Vice President know that there is a growing crisis on the border and that ignoring it or evading her responsibility by examining the root causes will only exacerbate this crisis.’ 

Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy also tore into Harris’ bid to tackle the crisis as ‘spend now strategize later’. In a statement he wrote: ‘Today marks 75 days since President Biden chose Vice President Harris as his administration’s point person to ‘[stem] the migration to our southern border.’ She still has yet to travel to our southern border and see the extent of the crisis she and President Biden have created over the past six months. 

Instead of upholding her responsibilities to the American people and our communities impacted by the border crisis, Vice President Harris decided to focus her efforts on studying the ‘root causes of migration’ from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries.  ‘That’s why she’s in Guatemala today, her first foreign trip since becoming Vice President, where she just held a press conference during which she dismissed going to the border as nothing more than ‘grand gestures,’ and declined to say when she’d actually go.

‘This unconventional approach is nothing more than a cynical political decision to ensure the blame doesn’t fall on her shoulders by distancing herself from Biden’s Border Crisis.

This is their mess and the poor people have to suffer. They are told that America is open for business under Biden and Harris and then they just wash their hands of the responsibility. Seems with the hapless duo it is always somebody else’s fault.

Biden stated that if something happens under a President then he is responsible, and we know that Biden is seriously declining so this now falls on the shoulder of Harris and she must bear total responsibility for this mess. She knew exactly what she was and is doing, and by refusing to go to the border she is making it worse.

She is either giving out grand gestures or laughing….either way it is an insult to those people who were promised an open border by the President and Vice President and then who are now being tortured mentally in the cruellest of ways by this its open…its not open….its open. Former President Trump was not like that and if he had of been there would have been uproar. Yet there is nothing from the wokeararty about the treatment given out by the Democrats to those trying to get into the States.

The hypocrisy is astounding and the longer it goes on, the longer the poorer people will suffer.

Harris’s only comment is to move the jobs to Guatemala. Is she for real? Take away the jobs from America and you put hundreds of thousands out of work and that is her solution…to put taxpayers out of a job. Kevin McCarthy further stated

‘Now Vice President Harris and the Biden administration want to take the typical Democrat approach of throwing more taxpayer dollars at a problem without first thinking through a coherent strategy. Over the next four years, President Biden is proposing we send $4 billion in aid to Central America with the pretense this will help curb the historic migration happening at our southern border. But there are two glaring problems to their proposal of spending our way out of the border crisis: Aid programs have failed to stem migration in the past and border order apprehensions of individuals from countries outside of Central America are rapidly increasing. 

As Vice President, Biden has already tried spending our way out of a migration surge. He ‘led an enormous push to deter people from crossing into the United States by devoting hundreds of millions of dollars to Central America.’ However, that never panned out. In fact, in Guatemala specifically, the $1.6 billion America provided in aid over the last decade proved ineffective. 

Everything Biden and Harris do will prove ineffective as they are the most ineffective duo ever to have been put in the White House, and I strongly suspect that there are a lot of Americans with buyers remorse as some of the emails sent to me seem to say so, and I almost feel sorry for them as such was the desperation to get rid of Orange Man Bad that they were blinkered and voted in someone totally inept.

The Border Patrol reported that encounters with individuals from nations other than Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador jumped by 35 percent since March 2021, and individuals from over 160 countries have recently been apprehended.

America cannot really want it on show that you have a Vice President who laughs at everything hysterically when confronted with her failures, or a President who forgets his lines, wonders off pat and says and does the creepiest things about children.

Call Trump a lot of things but he got the job done and at least children were safe around him, both those who he came into contact with and those on the border as he refused to accept unaccompanied children as he knew it was a ploy for entry, and never under Trump would there have been the night time trafficking of children around the country as they have done under Biden. What are they trying to hide? Spiriting children to go nowhere in the middle of the night. It is wrong on so many levels.

The whole thing stinks of a weak President, a weaker Vice President and a totally inapt administration. No wonder China and Russia are not scared of America and are laughing, they see who is in control and yes it is that bad…………….

Customs and Border Patrol number show record numbers of encounters with illegal crossers with a record-high of 178,622 in April alone, continuing on from massive spike in February and March

Customs and Border Patrol number show record numbers of encounters with illegal crossers with a record-high of 178,622 in April alone, continuing on from massive spike in February and March.

This growing humanitarian issue will get bigger and bigger and there will be more and more deaths and we will be seeing pictures of children who have lost their lives, and all because another set of politicians cannot control who comes in and out of their country. We have the same useless ones here and it is the poorest and most destitute who suffer. Not the President and not the Vice President and it would have been kinder to say the border is shut and stemmed the flow from day one, but it is cruel beyond belief to give people hope when in reality there is none.

To say it now after that horse has bolted shows that America did not choose well in their Administration and like all the rich and elite who it now seems are running countries…..they don’t really care as it is nothing more than ego trip for them, and like all politicians they do not care about the poor….they just talk a good talk yet their actions show nothing and that speaks louder than words.