The Uyghurs need more than a toothless tribunal.

Whilst it is commendable of the United Kingdom Government that they are having a Tribunal into the human rights abuses committed by China, is there anything in this that will make them stop committing the rapes, the murders, the slavery and the intended genocide of a group of people all based on the fact they are Muslim?

The tribunal based in London are listening to the testimonies of those who have had this terror inflicted on them, and whilst it is something the world need to hear, there is also the need to act on this and force the Chinese to stop it. I fear however that nothing will be done….it never is.

The forcing of sterilisation is a human rights crime.

The raping of Uyghur women in a bid to outbreed the people is a human rights crime.

The forced abortion of Uyghur women is a human rights crime.

The forced labour of Uyghurs is a human rights crime.

The murders and mass executions bordering on Genocide is a human rights crime.

The indoctrination of the young is a human rights crime.

All of the above are being committed by the Communist Chinese State on a group of people who have not caused any issue, and who just want to be left alone and where it is based purely on religion. Have we not seen this already with disastrous consequences in the last century?

There is also the issue of those companies who actively work with the Chinese Communist State and use the slave labour of these poor people. These are Western Companies and I have blogged about them before and shame on them if they are still using these oppressed people. Shame on the CEOs who put their greed before demanding the rights of those who really are suffering and that is something this tribunal can do. Call out those companies and CEOs and make them stand trial for profiteering from the suffering of others.

Something has to be done to hold these people to account….

The  “Uyghur Tribunal” has no state backing and any judgement would not be binding on any government, but it has drawn a furious response from Beijing, which dismissed the hearings as a “machine producing lies”. If it has no binding judgement then why on earth do this? Those in need have to have some concrete help and not well meaning meetings that do nothing. There has to be some light at the end of this nightmare tunnel for them.

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We have already watched our Governments do nothing with regards to the virus from China but this is something that they could say was unavoidable, but not the torture and genocide of a people because of their religious beliefs. Where are the other Muslim countries? Should they not be demanding that this stops? Anybody with human feelings, emotions and who are disgusted by what they are doing should demand it stops.

Where is the basic decency of nations to demand this stops?

It is an eternal shame on this country and other democracies that nothing is being done, and that each day there are more rapes, tortures, abortions and murders, and what is laughable is that China is actually on the UN Human Rights Council. This has to be the most offensive seat in any political body and shows why the UN is weak, toothless and can do no more than send a strongly worded letter that just gets thrown in the bin.

China Appointed to Influential UN Human Rights Council Panel – The Diplomat

We in the West are allowing the Chinese State to get away with genocide and doing nothing about it. When you think of the fact that it is the anniversary of D Day and you think back to those brave young men and women who went to fight tyranny committed by the Nazis, and yet we see the same thing happening again. It makes it even more telling that decades later that a country committing these human rights violations now enjoy a seat at the table of an organisation that was created to prevent such a thing happening again.

It is an insult it really is. It is an insult to the people who are suffering.

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According to the United Nations, at least one million Uighurs have been detained in the internment camps in China's northwestern Xinjiang province [Alberto Pezzali/AP Photo]
he first witness to testify on Friday, Qelbin

“Guards in the camp did not treat the prisoners as human beings. They were treated less than dogs,” Qelbinur Sidik said through an interpreter. “They enjoyed watching them being humiliated and their suffering was for them their joy.” Female prisoners were allegedly abused when they were taken for interrogation.

“They were not only tortured but also raped, sometimes gang-raped,” Sidik said. “The things that I have witnessed and experienced, I can’t forget.” Sidik said she was also subjected to forced sterilisation. ‘Uyghur Tribunal’ opens with testimony of alleged rape, torture | Human Rights News | Al Jazeera

Can we really just stand by and do nothing? If we can then we should hang our heads in shame………

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