If we love the NHS don’t let Dido Harding run it….

Having heard the breath-taking news that Baroness Dido Harding is mulling over the idea of applying for the role of Head of the NHS….yes running the NHS.

My god how blinkered are some people.

She is not capable of running the NHS. Having taken some £37 billion pounds of taxpayers money on a track and trace app that was useless, we cannot afford our beloved NHS to fall into the hands of someone who is totally unable and incapable of running it.

Before Track and Trace there was the debacle over Talk Talk where over 175,000 customers had their accounts hacked and money stolen from their accounts. A total failure all round and I actually did some work for Talk Talk and the customers were getting no satisfaction, and can remember the tears and the horror at some of their stories and the order came direct from the top…..don’t put any through to Dido Harding. So, there was the boss of the company that through their lapse of security caused customers some real losses and heartache not dealing with the issue. So, can you imagine the state of the NHS? I can and it does not bear thinking about and here is a radical idea….put a professional in charge…an actual Doctor, Consultant, Professor…someone who actually knows what they are on about and who will be an asset to the NHS.

Harding is a former Jockey, then worked in high street companies before Talk Talk…so her actual knowledge of the NHS equates to the square root of nothing.

We cannot afford to have such a person in charge. The NHS cannot afford someone getting it because they are a chum of…instead of an actual professional who can bring something to the party. These sort of appointments should not be because of an age old friendships at university as this would make the whole thing stink, and if Harding did get it…then the Prime Minister needs to answer to Parliament why he is making her head of the NHS and then prepare for a disaster.

Harding whose bungled handling of the NHS Test and Trace programme led to demands from within her own party for her to be sacked has set her sights on running the NHS. Baroness Dido Harding is said to be considering putting herself forward to run the health service in England. She is reported to have sounded out senior health leaders about replacing Sir Simon Stevens, who is stepping down next month and becoming a peer himself.

Baroness Dido Harding is said to be considering putting herself forward to run the health service in England.
Dido Harding

A report earlier this year said Track and Trace had ”minimal impact on transmission’ despite receiving £37billion of funding.   The Commons Public Accounts Committee said in March there was no evidence the tracing scheme had made a dent in Covid transmission, despite its ‘unimaginable’ budget. In common speak….it was a waste of time and a waste of our monies and we cannot afford to let Baroness Harding loose on the NHS budget

We all know that the NHS is something that is unique and we all value it and because it holds such an important place in our society, we need to know that it will be in safe hands….and hers are not it.

There are rumblings in the Conservative Party and only last year prominent Tory MP Sir Bernard Jenkins sided with Labour and side she should have been replaced, as you have to ask yourself how many failures can we the taxpayer keep giving the likes of Baroness Harding before someone actually realises that it needs an expert and not your BFF.

This is now the time for the Leader of the Opposition to actually step up and act like a real Leader of the Opposition and object, and he will have other Conservatives joining the ranks and he and they must do everything in their power to oppose the crowning of Harding as NHS Czar, as we and the NHS cannot afford anymore of her interventions…..the taxpayers and the people cannot afford her mistakes anymore.

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    1. It went on the “wages” of those who did the track and trace. There was also the payments for those brought in, and the general wastage on an App that was of no use to man nor woman. Until the books are actually published it will be difficult to discover where the money went, or indeed whose hands were endowed with the taxpayer gold as they say. You are right they did use the Armed Forces and of course it was free of charge to the Government, but then they were paying the Trace and Trace people upto a £1,000 day to try and get the App working. In reality, we will never know as no doubt it will be hidden amongst other costs and of course the private companies charging what they like. I hope you read the link I have added as this will show you just how much money was wasted, and if it is this bad with one App….can you imagine the damage from allowing Dido Harding to run the NHS….this is a very scary thought and people should be worried…..

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