Why do politicians have to lie all the time?

This is not just about Joe Biden and his untruths regarding US employment. Although he did go on TV to tell everyone that the US economy has the best recovery in the world at this time, when in fact they don’t and the jobs growth is slower than expected and really what did they expect? Yet they have to lie and spin. The world is just not going to recover from what has happened and it will take a long time till it is. He states that he has the best economy growth in 15 years, so is he saying it was bad under Obama? Do these people actually stop and think about what they come out with?

President Joe Biden delivered remarks on the fresh jobs numbers Friday morning in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

No this is a moan about politicians in general. Even as much as I like the Prime Minister Boris Johnson due to his eccentricity, we know that there are untruths…well lies coming out of number 10 as lets call it what it is .. LIES.. The giving of a peerage to a man who has generously paid £3.5 million to the Conservative party, and not only him but others too. The awards committee had actually rejected the nomination of one Peter Cruddas but nope Boris went above their heads stating it was for charity work and business. Nothing said about the £3.5 million he gave the party, £500,000 of which was just 3 days after his peerage. God when it stinks it stinks and this no doubt is just the tip of the iceberg. Where have the honest politicians gone? I cannot remember a time during the last two decades when we actually had one and that is shameful really.

There are the lies regarding the PPE, the lies regarding the returning of the illegal immigrants who are just tipping up on our shores from a very SAFE France and Europe . The contracts and jobs for very rich friends (although all parties are doing that, even the unions). There are the lies, confusion and downright scaremongering of what we are to do during the rise of the 3rd variant, or rather what the Government is telling us to do and who it seems are not able to agree on anything. The cancelling then un-cancelling of holidays. For god sake your average working person saves up for these breaks and do not actually have the sort of money these politicians have and to lose the money is heartbreaking, and downright annoying and it has to stop. You can tell its not tax payer funded…….

Stop the lies, stop the BS and give it to people straight. We might not like it but at least they will know. Treat us as grown ups and the people who pay your wages, not bloody children.

Don’t think the others are getting away with it either. We have the lies, the race baiting, the continued anti-semetism, the kneeling and the general untrustworthiness of the Labour Party who are permanently working against the working class, and who have no idea of what former Labour voters want, and whose sole aim is to bankrupt this country. Then working with the Lib Dems to cancel Brexit….the list is endless.

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When will these politicians start to tell the truth? When will they stop lying to the public whether it is us here in Britain, our the voters in America, or those in the EU and especially in France where the Yellow Vests seems to be permanently rioting.

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Have the politicians not realised that despite how awful it is, that we would sooner know the truth. The voting public would sooner know that yes there is a need for more jobs to be created, and yet over in America Vice President Kamala Harris decides that the jobs prospects for Americans is not important, instead she is telling businesses to create jobs in Guatemala and other South American Countries, this is more a case of trying to divert from the task she was given to do, and that is to sort out the break down at the border. 21 weeks and still not paid a visit, but yet they are allowing in more and more people to overburden the already over burdened tax payer, and at the same time trying to take business away from the States. You just could not make this up. What on earth has happened to the world?

The same with the PM and the Home Secretary. We were told that Brexit would give us control of our borders yet everyday we see more and more illegal immigrants tipping up on our shores, and our stupid leftist out of touch Judges are now saying that the accommodation they were given is no good. Well its better than a tent and better than the dinghy they tipped up in and if it was good enough for the Armed Forces then it is good for those who just expect everything for nothing. What did they expect a 4* hotel? Knowing the soft touches in power they will probably get it too. I give up as it is wrong and is a burden on an already over burdened people.

When are we going to get our Borders back? When are we going to finally be able to say that we have control and take back those who have no right to be here, back to the safe country they left? We are not Schengen. Yet regularly the Home Secretary stands up and says they are bringing in tough controls. Yeah, they are that tough we are providing a water taxi service now. It has to stop. She has to stop lying.

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I am all for helping those who are genuinely in need of asylum but not those who have passed through so many safe countries to get to the Channel. It is not a war they are fleeing, instead it seems they want to walk into a very comfy paid for life, and it makes a mockery of those who are willing to jump through hoops to apply legally. As I have said before….those who are here and apply legally and those women and children who are fleeing war…of course we should help them but Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, France etc are very very safe countries, and if you get to there…then stay there…it is safe, and we in the United Kingdom did not sign up to this and the Government know this. So take back control of our borders now Home Secretary.

It is not even the immigrants who are making me angry but the politicians attempts to lie and spin when in reality it is getting out of control, and do these out of touch politicians not realise that we are reaching a boiling point?

This whole lying business has to stop. No wonder people are getting fed up with politicians. There is that old saying…how do you know a politician is lying….yep their mouth is moving and this is no longer a joke but a sad fact.

We have the likes of former Prime Ministers Major and May now attempting to cause a revolt because they want to INCREASE the overseas budget and that is out of order. We are coming out of a pandemic and there are those in this country who need our help more. In times like this we should be able to put the money where it is needed most and China is not one of those who need our support. Yet, these politicians are just obsessed with spending our money…not theirs and nothing said about the £1 million pounds Mrs May has made since leaving office. Amazing how those who have so much want to use everybody else’s money.

When are these politicians going to actually start working for the people. These people forget they work for us and somehow they have it in their heads that we are there for their benefit and treat us with total disdain until they want our vote, then they promise us the earth…well as we know it…they lie and we pay for those lies.

I am done with all politicians as I doubt any of them could lie straight never mind be open and honest. What annoys me is that you have people, good honest people who work day in and day out to provide the things in life their family need, and yet they struggle for a GP appointment, a surgery, schools and these politicians are so out of touch they think that they know better, and what do we get for voicing those concerns…..the usual names of racist, xenophobe etc…..When in reality it is nothing to do with that…we just want to make sure our family and those we love can access the system that we are constantly paying into and where it is failing, and the politicians just don’t seem to care. This is not about doing whats right for the country but about power for them, and what they can gain from it.

We should demand that they stop lying to us, stop race baiting, stop giving the nutty leftist woke air space and by the way WOMEN have babies….WOMEN not PEOPLE and start concentrating on the values that we respect. Start being honest and start showing the people that you can be trusted as sadly that moral stance has not hit any politician and it is time the lying stopped. The Houses of Parliament is no longer viewed as a trustworthy place and the occupants are not thought of highly and they did this to themselves, and it is time we demanded it stopped and that we deserve better before we lose faith in our system as we have already lost faith in them.

How low has our free parliaments and democracies around the world sunk due to those currently in power. All of them. Maybe we should have voted The Monster Raving Loony Party in as they couldn’t have done any worse…

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10 thoughts on “Why do politicians have to lie all the time?

  1. The government is an extension of the people, certainly here in America with the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our beginning. The government never could have become so corrupt if the people followed what they knew was right in their hearts. One begets the other. The question is what will we do today?


    1. That is the same here..they are supposed to work for us and run the country. Servants of the state but it sure feels like we are the servants and they just pocket the reward. We don’t have a bill of rights, we don’t have a written constitution as ours is fluid and should move with the times….should being the operative word.


  2. Yes, I fear many people are coming to the realisation being In the Eu wasn’t the problem


  3. I really don’t think there are that many illegal immigrants coming to the Uk. The press just seems to give it so much attention when a boat of 7 people turn up. When there are 65 million people in the Uk a few extra people aren’t causing much of an issue in the grand scheme of things


    1. If they applied legally then that is fine, but they tip up illegally and demand luxury. Napier Bks was perfectly suitable until THEY destroyed it, and now they want either a house….then go to the bottom if a waiting list or they want a expensive hotel, and they take us to court if not. It is outrageous. I would have thought if they were really fleeing war, then the Bks would have been good enough. It was for the Army….. We do not require law breakers and it is not a few extra people but is turning into thousands.


  4. To clarify: The United States of America has a great Constitution, based imperfectly on perfect principles, and with regulations regarding amending (Which we have many.) if the majority views the need to add. Having said that, it is not a fluid document, nor should be. Principles like honesty, helping your fellow neighbor, traditional family values, never change. They were true then, true today, and will be true tomorrow. And while I also understand a politician is supposed to work for “the people”, I ask what the people are doing in their responsibilities as individuals, parents, and neighbors. You see, a friend can’t lie to you if you’re not looking for a lie. No one can lie to me if I won’t buy into rhetoric, propaganda, or what I see as gain in the other person’s pretended ignorance. Also, all so many people need to read the U.S. Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and so much more about real history. In this way, if they’re honest, they’ll get a much better picture of America becoming. All the best.


  5. We have lying politicians because we’re not completely honest. They got elected. We elected them. Or didn’t stand strong enough to educate others about the issues, sending our children to propaganda camps, and wallah….


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