A funny thing happened on the way to Asda…..

Decided to do my daily walk as per the Doctor’s orders and promptly set off with Mr Points of Sue and my beloved furry boy Zeus.

It has been a lovely hot day and we were not really in a rush and decided to kill two birds with one stone and let Mr Points of Sue nip into Asda. So, there we were walking and we walked straight into a demonstration…..a whole two of them.

It was Extinction Rebellion…..hanging banners from the flyover bridge that we needed to use and shouting at the traffic….

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Could not help having a smirk as we commented that the demonstration was holding up the bridge not, and glad to see that it was well manned. In reality they were causing no trouble and we were on our merry way.

We could not have been longer than 10 minutes at the store and we made our way back home the same way. It involved going over a bridge, said bridge where Extinction Rebellion were holding their demonstration….but wait….they were heading our way and with their signs neatly folded up into their backpacks. So far so good as they did not litter.

So, pretending to just wait for the dog who took his Q and had a good sniff round we watched the two walk across the car park at Asda. I thought surely not….surely they will not do it in front of loads of people….

Oh yes……they did….

Bearing in mind these signs stated that the planet was burning and that fossil fuels were causing global warming and that we need to stop big businesses, traffic and that they were fighting for tomorrow etc etc….in other words the two campaigning for Extinction Rebellion were wanting us to go back to the stone age, but this did not include these two for they did no more…


My jaw hit the floor. There was me, Mr Points of Sue and Zeus grabbing something from the shop and needed to walk the dog and instead of going in the car, we combined the two….so there were we in our holier than though surprised look watching these same two men who had been shouting at the damage we humans were doing……drive off in a car.

You just couldn’t have made that up….but I know at least two who don’t practice what they preach and I just wonder how many of the others are hypocrites, or is it just us they want to stop using cars whilst they drive happily in theirs.

Not the best PR day they have had I must admit.

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    1. Yes and no….it is not all down to us but there are countries guilty of abuse such as China, but also things happen naturally but I don’t lecture others as those two hypocrites do. Remember I walked to the store….they drove.


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