Labour will never get in with these people backing them.

The Labour party whilst it is controlled by the Unions will never get into power, especially when you have people like Howard Beckett in the running. This man is running to take over from Len McCluskey.

Howard Beckett is running to succeed Len McCluskey as general secretary of Unite, whose membership includes thousands of defence workers.
Howard Beckett is running to succeed Len McCluskey as general secretary of Unite, whose membership includes thousands of defence workers.

The latest offering from these unelectable union bosses who like a 5 star living is that the United Kingdom needs to scrap our multi billion pound defence budget and spend it on travellers.

There are two problems with that….

The first is that they are called travellers for a reason….they travel.

Secondly and the most important of all….what about the thousands of people who work in the defence history who pay into the Unite Union Coffers? I take it that losing their jobs will not matter.

I will ask again….where on earth do they find these people from?

Labour former defence minister Kevan Jones last night said the comments would come as a surprise to Unite’s members working in the defence industry. He said: ‘Thousands of Unite members play a vital role supporting our country’s defence. I think they will take a dim view of this suggestion by someone whose position is funded by their union subscriptions.’

Lets not forget this is the same man who was outrageously racist and sexist to a female Home Secretary demanding that she be deported, and all because she is an ethnic minority politician and by the way born in Britain…so where was she to go eh Mr Beckett?…..So when he is not being racist and sexist, he is wanting to throw thousands of defence workers out of their jobs.

Yeah…he is a keeper…NOT.

May I suggest that people actually vote in a leader who will not take your hard earned subscriptions to live the life of fancy and dining in first class restaurants, first class travel, hundreds of thousands of pounds in wages and expenses, and managing to get the ever so special interest free loans of nearly half a million pounds, and who doesn’t blow nearly £100 million of your subscriptions on a friend’s firm as the current retiring one has done.

Beckett, who is demanding a wealth tax to pay for the pandemic, has his own property empire. He owns at least three properties, including a flat in Bloomsbury, central London bought for £640,000 without a mortgage six years ago. Absolutely abiding by a true socialist mantra…a property empire. How very socialist. Honestly I would have to ask union members do you think they care about your lot.? He is happy to see thousands thrown out of work, that is you out of work and your family financially bereft and without a property empire to keep you going.

You only matter because you pay for their privileged lifestyle and isn’t it funny how there seems to be no ethnic minorities in the running for the role, not one. Just very white men oh and one woman and ethnic minorities are not represented here, and as time goes on everyone will have to work a lot longer and of course the costs of being a member of Unite will only go up….but then it is to keep the privileged few in even more privilege and I am sure that keeps you warm at night.

What a pity that the only people who can afford to be socialists are those who have lots of money, lots of properties and who plan to live off the hard work of others, after all if you look at the Unite boss being paid in access of £150,000 plus a year, it takes a minimum of 15,030 payments of those earning less than £18,000 or those who are on more than £18,000 a year…well that takes over 10 thousand payments to pay for the leader’s wage alone and that is not including the add ons, so can you imagine how much they all cost including the very very generous expenses they have? It seems running a union is very profitable to some.

Yep, they are definitely looking after wages….their own and the rest well……your job is expendable to them.

Quite right that this odious individual is struck off….

I was flabbergasted when I read about a nurse, yes a nurse using the most inflammatory, disgusting, offensive language at an anti vaxxer meeting. I for one am glad the disgrace has been struck off.

Shemirani (pictured with Piers Corbyn) used her status as a professional to spread 'distorted propaganda' about the Covid pandemic, a panel of the Nursing and Midwifery Council found
Shemirani (pictured with Piers Corbyn) used her status as a professional to spread ‘distorted propaganda’ about the Covid pandemic, a panel of the Nursing and Midwifery Council found

Kate Shemirani was struck off today for her disgraceful antics and the lies and smears she stated about the NHS and the good people who work in it. Her list of bizarre lies and looney comments are listed below:

Claimed that symptoms of the virus were caused by 5G and that vaccines were ‘rushed through’ because ‘they want to kill you’.

Said nurses were complicit in genocide, said vaccination teams should be renamed ‘death squads’ and referred to the NHS as the ‘new Auschwitz’.

According to her, ingredients in vaccines include ‘acetone and aborted foetal cell tissue that turns into cancer’.

Stated the the HPV ‘kills girls on the spot’ and described the Covid-19 vaccines as ‘downright deadly’, adding that ‘there is no C-19 other than the one pre loaded into a syringe’.

She encouraged thugs to confront the police in what can only be described as an attempt to cause a riot.

At a mass rally of coronavirus-deniers in September, Shemirani, who was in charge of the mic, directed yobs to confront riot police
At a mass rally of coronavirus-deniers in September, Shemirani, who was in charge of the mic, directed yobs to confront riot police

Shemirani was represented by Mark Steele who allegedly further accused the nursing regulator of being complicit in genocide. The panel heard how she also used her social media platform to compare health organisations with Nazi death camps.

Where do they find people like her from? I know that every society has its bigots, morons and loons but since Covid 19 there has been a run on them, and even me with my blogging site have had my fair share from the vile racist, sexist, anti semetic, disability hating morons to contend with, those who decide to send disgusting emails to my inbox but unlike the media who have interviewed her (and why I will never know)…..I just press delete and they never see the light of day as I will not give any of them a platform. People like her and her followers need to be silenced and cancelled.

The sort of horrendous person like her is really is not rare….society sadly is infested with the haters and the offensive and she epitomises it and it needs to be stopped, legally if needs be.

She is a hater, a loon and a person who really should be totally ignored but it is interesting how she shares a platform with Piers Corbyn. I don’t know who is worse…him or his brother…..

It was Ms Shemirani response to the accusations that had me smirking…apparently women who reported her are jealous and fat. When you have no argument like her she has to resort to such a pathetic explanation. Stick with your day job love….oh no you can’t can you….you have been struck off. Hurrah for common sense.

To say such disgusting things against the very people who have gone above and beyond shows what a nasty individual she is and the NHS does not need her type in it. If she can so easily resort to the most offensive of language then she really is not fit to be a nurse, and the NMC saw her for exactly what she is.

I cannot hide my disgust that someone who can so easily demeanour the suffering of the SHOAH, and compare NHS workers to the Nazis is beyond the pale. She really is not a nice person and not one the NHS need.

When an individual can spout garbage as Shemirani did then she needs to be charged with a hate crime as this is hateful, and designed to cause maximum damage to the NHS, and if she had been allowed to carry on she could have set people against the healers of our society. She needs a jail term for her disgraceful views.

She posted ‘the Nurse vaccination teams need to be renamed DEATH SQUADS!’ and claimed the NMC was working to ‘murder the old, infirm, disabled, vulnerable and sick’.

She claimed: ‘We are now in possession of enough evidence against the NMC in relation to the facilitation of the TERRORIST AGENDA TO COMMIT GENOCIDE.’

The panel saw how she spoke about the ‘Nazification of the NHS’ and claimed ‘The NHS is the new Auschwitz’ while referring to healthcare professionals as ‘Nurses and Drs of The Third Reich’.

The best thing that can happen to Shemirani is that she is ignored and just fades away as a non entity, and well done the NMC for getting rid of her, as the good people who are in the NHS do not need that amongst their ranks. The panel ruled that Mrs Shemirani’s fitness to practise as a registered nurse was impaired on both public protection and public interest grounds and struck her from the register. 

Now here is hoping she gets a visit from the Police.