Soft Judges making a mockery of our legal system again….

It seems that yet again we have Judges who are making a mockery of our legal system and the victim is the one left to suffer both physically and mentally. Physically from the act and mentally from the fact that the law is not there to protect him. It is an outrage.

The situation arose because Mr Palmer 37 was trimming the hedge and some clippings fell into the garden of a Mr Malcolm Newsome 73. Mr Newsome becoming irate decided to teach Mr Palmer a lesson and promptly shot him in the face with an air rifle.

This was done in front of Mr Palmer’s young children and what did the law give this obnoxious individual… 18 month sentence and suspended for 2 years with community work.

Darrian Palmer, 37, says he is lucky he wasn’t left blind after the attack by neighbour Malcolm Newsome last May which left Mr Palmer needing hospital treatment.

Darrian Palmer, 37, (pictured) says he is lucky he wasn't left blind after he was shot in the face by neighbour Malcolm Newsome over a dispute when trimmings fell into Newsome's garden
Darrian Palmer, 37, (pictured) says he is lucky he wasn’t left blind after he was shot in the face by neighbour Malcolm Newsome over a dispute when trimmings fell into Newsome’s garden

Newsome was spared jail after admitting unlawful wounding at Leeds Crown Court in relation to the shooting which took place in front of Mr Palmer’s terrified children.

Mr Palmer could have lost an eye or even his life and to do so in front of children is such a cowardly way of dealing with an issue. These children had to watch their father getting shot and injured and where are their rights? Where is their right to see the man who wounded their father going to jail?

Mr Newsome when already wound up asked Mr Palmer to take a look at his fence and when he did, he promptly shot him in the face. Now I don’t know about you but this should be taken as attempted murder and premediated as he had the gun there already.

The law is an ass if all this individual got was an 18 month sentence suspended. I wonder if the law would have been so easy if it had of been a Judge he did that to.

Darrian Palmer was left needing hospital treatment
Having had the air rifle pellet removed this was the damage to the face of Mr Palmer

The children will now need counselling as they had to witness this and sadly to get an 18 month sentence suspended for 2 years has now shown those children that they cannot rely on the law to defend them. They live next door the man who tried to kill their father as firing it in his face could have killed him, and they will have to see him daily and that is not fair on the children.

When will Judges start to take into consideration the damage that thugs like Mr Newsome do. Just because he is 73 does not give him a pass for doing what he did. Infact because of his age he should have known better.

He should have gone to jail and I hope that Mr Palmer now takes out a private civil lawsuit against Newsome for damages and who knows it might result in him having to sell his house to move, and then and only then will the children of Mr Palmer get some rest and start to heal.

The law has let this family down very badly and I send my best to the Palmer family and pray that they get the help they need for their children, and that there is a for sale sign put up very quickly next door as he does not deserve to live next door to decent people.

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