Lets play a game….Where’s Kamala and why is this administration trafficking Children?

Seems the Vice President is everywhere except where she should be…..

Vice President Kamala Harris was named 'border czar' in March, but since then has not visited the border. She has, however, traveled across the country to promote Biden's $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan and upcoming $4 trillion in infrastructure proposals
Kamala Harris and her visits.

Not only has she not been anywhere near the border but the Biden Administration is now flying children in the dead of night and with nobody being informed beforehand into different parts of the country.

The Green Party demanding answers.

It seems that the Biden Administration is yet again involved in a smoke and mirrors routine. When they have moved all these children further and further away from their parents and reduce those waiting in the cages, then the mainstream media will get to view what is going on.

I can see the headlines from CNN now….oh look what a great job he is doing, look at how Biden has responded like a true president…..but what they won’t tell you is that they are trafficking children throughout the country. Now if someone else had done that, that would be classed as people smuggling and a jail term would be expected. So what is different from what they do to what Biden and Harris are doing?

They are still separating those who they actively encouraged to come and head for the border, and then are trying to hide them from their adults and from the taxpayers.

This is nothing more than an attempt from Biden to lie to the very people who voted him in. Love him or loathe him you cannot say that Donald Trump did that. He kept them out and this decrepit President is doing the opposite. How long before these children go missing?

If they are spirited away can the United States of America really guarantee their rights? These children are now ghosts in the system and that has been proved by spiriting them away in the night and doing so in such a sneaky, underhanded way.

Why is it that Harris has never been to the border? Why is it that Biden will not let the MSM into the area and has actively tried to prevent the elected officials for that area from going in and seeing what a mess they have made? They are doing it because they lie. They are liars. When they tell the electorate they are sorting out the border what they really are saying is that you cannot see the children so therefore they are not there. What they are not telling you is that they have been smuggled elsewhere.

The Republicans have to take this and run with it as this is criminal and don’t say it isn’t just because he is a President. This is child trafficking and is illegal and they must demand full access to these children. Demand to know why it is being done in the middle of the night and the costs, and above all what are the plans in place for these children to be reunited with their parents.

I never thought that the Biden Administration would be responsible for child trafficking but there you go….this is how low your administration has dropped too, but to the liberal left looking the other way….I guess its ok when Joe does it. Can you imagine the uproar if Trump had done this.

The hypocrisy is deafening, but then lets not forget the response of Harris when asked when was she going to the border…..

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