A birdhouse full of bees….

Looked out of my kitchen window and saw that the old bird box had now become a haven for bees.

Oh cripes I thought what on earth do I do with that? I know that one of the things I won’t be doing is getting rid of it as it is lovely to hear the buzzing coming from the box, and especially when the evening is coming in.

It did however cause an issue with the washing as it is right next to the washing line and I did not want me or anybody in the family to be attacked as I had visions of sting after sting. The easy solution was to have the washing line removed but I still needed advice as the only thing I have ever dealt with was a wasps nest, and £50 later and no longer bothered with a wasps nest.

So, a quick phone call to decide what to do…..

Apparently it is very lucky to have bees in your garden and I know that my plants will get pollinated and produce more which is going to be great, and as a novice gardener I must be doing something right and to be honest the garden is just flowers after flowers. A perfect place for bees.

The bees outside of the birdbox hive are actually males and will not sting me and all they are doing is looking for food for the Queen and the young.

View from my door to the bird box bee hive.

I was told the best way to handle the beehive was a night time and I thought not a chance there are a lot of bees in there, and don’t forget the smoke and I thought well that is off the menu as it is not going to be disturbed.

My cat sooty has now learnt to leave it alone as it is right by my garden shed and I tread carefully, but it is lovely when you see them all out.

I explained to the bee expert that sometimes I see a bee drop to the ground and I was advised to just pop it on a plant somewhere. I thought wow this is pushing it a bit fair…actually pick one up. I decided to be really brave and just use something to pick it up but it works as the bee was just tired, and it saves the bee from the claws and jaws of Sooty.

Also that the hive does not last long and it is only a couple of months and they die out. The Queen however will hide herself for the winter somewhere and whatever remaining bees and then the hive starts all over again, and they will now continually come back to that hive. Which is nice to know.

I was and am delighted that they have decided to settle in my garden and once I got over the buzzing and the argh….screaming thing and the moving very quickly it is actually quite soothing.

If it had been wasps then sorry the phone would have rung for them to be taken away as can you imagine a birdbox full of wasps? It would not have been pleasant and the gardening would have just been left, but thankfully it is big, gorgeous, fluffy, fat bumble bees.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

The bumble bees are in danger due to pollutants and the erosion of countrysides etc and to have a group show up in my garden is so exciting. I get to watch them on my roses and the other plants I have put in and they especially love the pansies…mind you they are the only flowers in full bloom at the moment.

The only issue now is that bees can actually hide in the long grass and some can burrow down which I did not know. If you have a garden shed and it seems that they are coming up from the floor boards, they probably are and you need to make them a home. An upturned flower pot with some small holes should do it. I never knew that a bee could do that and now getting the lawn cut will be a very careful long job.

The bee expert was really kind to me and explained everything and he was really hoping I did not want the nest disturbed as bees love a dark, warm, damp free place and then just leave them, and that is exactly what I did. I actually thought it would remain empty for ever especially as I have nesting birds just under the roof at the back of the garden, and have birds nests in a empty planter too…so they are everywhere except the bird nest.

A tip for you….if you want to have resting bird then get a flower planter and attach it to the wall…like a half moon shape and then line it with the insert and leave it. The birds will find it and it is high enough away from the cats and other predators and there is no way that a cat can get up there….so there you go…one easy bird box.

I wouldn’t mind but I did buy the one in the video specifically, mind you the birds are not moving into the bird box I bought that stands in the garden….nature is a funny thing but glorious to watch.

To know that there is wildlife growing in the garden is such a lovely thought and I could sit out there for hours watching them. They are such busy little things and I have put a basket of flowers right under their nest so they sought of like have a hotel with a restaurant attached.

The only thing I am worried about is hornets and will be keeping a close eye on it as only a couple will destroy the nest, and I had already stopped using pesticides in the garden and will not be using even slug pellets. I want to get nature as close to nature as possible.

If you do find a bees nest in your garden then don’t worry as they add such beauty to it. Only call out the pest removal guy when they are in your house but having had the bees nest for at least a month now, it is not causing any issues and I have been told that if needed I can get an expert to come round and see if there is honey but they don’t think so as it is not that kind of bee.

I guess the next on the list for me is finding out all about bees and how to take care of them but what an interesting development to my garden….

By the way…Mr Points of Sue pointed out that I had forgotten to mention you can put your old teabags on the compost heap as that works too…..

Tomorrow will be a long piece on the planting and maintenance of rose bushes, and how to grow clematis up against your wall and I was so delighted to be stopped by a lady today….I did not know her but she had read my blog and was asking for advice on what to plant in her garden. My eldest child went off to do her shopping whilst I enthused about wild roses and the joy of planting and the care of peonies. That interaction really made my day as despite being a novice gardener, people are interested in the advice I can give and it is a great way to learn too.

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