When you need peace, quiet and nature in your life.

Have been thinking over the last few days how fed up I am of reading nothing but murders, killings, man’s hatred towards man, covid…on and on. The misery never ends.

Due to what I do, I have so many apps and realised that it was just loading my phone and pc with misery, misery and more misery.

One day and being fed up I thought nope no news today and took myself off into my garden. I had such a lovely time I blogged about it. The little things like the bees, the butterflies, the peace and the quiet calmed my day.

When writing about it I felt truly at peace and didn’t care about the time. Nor was I in a desperate rush to get the article finished, and then I knew that it was time for a break from politics and I am glad in a way.

There will be a couple of items if I feel strongly enough where I will blog politics, but going to concentrate on the nicer things in life as its bad enough you switch on your TV and its doom and gloom, without reading it endlessly.

I hope you join me on my continuous journey around the garden, and see the changes being made. The new section of the Zeus stress test and my many visits out. I will be venturing into video sections for some of these but what a happy time to blog about.

This is what I call peace
Enjoying peace…

I will always add the costs of each venture and the websites where possible so you can make your own mind up, but my trips out will be for all as it has to include access for the disabled.. me……

So, that’s me albeit out of politics for a whole and concentrating on the nicer things in life…instead of the results of politics…..lies, spin, dishonesty, doom, gloom and killing each other.

Enough is enough…even for me…