When you hit middle age…..

I actually realised yesterday that I hit middle age when my eyes lit up at the magazine available in my local shops and it is Gardeners World.

Oh joy…..to say I was delighted in an understatement.

It just got better and better as there is a voucher for a 2 for 1 trip around some of Britain’s loveliest gardens, and I can get a further 6 copies for a discounted price. and Mr Points of Sue has no excuses for us not to go now and that makes it even better.

Now I know that there will be a lot of young people outside who will think I have probably lost the plot, my own daughter does but the fact that I have what is in effect the gardening bible in my hands, has made me more eager to actually get out there now.

From there I found a link to the Gardening Express website https://www.gardeningexpress.co.uk and todate I have now got a wish list the plants I am after, and now doubt Mr Points of Sue will just roll his eyes, and my eldest son will moan because he will have the digging today as only yesterday I told him that the garden was full. Not a chance it is time to start a rockery., and of course this is going to go from a rockery to a garden pond with flowers all around it. The list is endless really.

I never thought I would grow to love the garden the same way as my father did, but I have and it is one of the areas where you find the most peace. I know out there I have the headphones on and listening to some play and one of my favourites is the Lion in Winter, and I just am in my element. Maybe that is why there is not so much of the blogging in the summer as there is in the winter. I know I have to rely on my son to do the heavy work but getting to pick what plants you want and how you are going to arrange them takes a long time, especially when you realise that you garden is getting quite full.

There are my roses and my heather but the other plants are now decided on colour and whether or not they are quick or slow growers. I have even managed to start growing a couple of oak trees, although they will still be infants when I am no longer here but the joy of realising I hadn’t killed them during the winter is like winning the lottery really.

Why is it when we come to a certain age we suddenly get so involved in our gardens? I guess with me I didn’t want to go clothes shopping as there is only so much space you can have, and with Covid we have not been anywhere really but there was this lovely green space outside and I am really proud of how it looks.

So, getting to middle age is not so bad when such delights as Gardeners world is waiting on the TV and then the magazine…….and it also gives you a smile when your kids roll their eyes as if to say oh god there she goes again.

May be an image of nature and tree
May be an image of flower, outdoors and tree

My pride and joy in its early days but watch out Kew Gardens I am on your tail.

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