When will Dawkins be answerable to the law for a hate crime?

Richard Dawkins is well known for his campaign of wanting children in the womb diagnosed with Down Syndrome to be aborted. There are protected groups who would not have to put up with this, and quite rightly this includes gay people, trans people and other minorities but why is there not a hate crime law against those who peddle their garbage against Downs Syndrome and those with disabilities?

Who made Dawkins a god giving him the decision of which child lived and which child died? Having achieved his dream…where would it stop? Children who will be short? Children who could not have the development that he expects by a certain age? The Nazis tried that and it was called eugenics and they started off by murdering the disabled and the vulnerable….

In an interview with the broadcaster Brendan O’Connor of RTE Radio in Ireland, Dawkins attempted to defend how he had responded in 2014 when one of his 2.9 million twitter followers sent this to him: ‘I honestly don’t know what I would do if I were pregnant with a kid with Down Syndrome. Real ethical dilemma.’ Dawkins pinged back: ‘Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice.’

What is immoral is that so many follow him and that his views are just downright disgusting. What a terrible individual with odious vile thoughts.

A group is now campaigning to have this man cancelled by the publishing company who he is currently using. Penguin Random House are currently being lobbied to cancel the business relationship they have with Dawkins. Lynn Murray, whose daughter Rachel has Down’s and who runs the Don’t Screen Us Out campaign, told a newspaper: ‘His publishers should stand with people with Down’s Syndrome, uphold their own equality policies and cut ties with the professor, whose uninformed opinions about Down’s Syndrome are also out of sync with today’s public standards of equality and diversity.’

She is absolutely right and Penguin by having this business relationship with this man is in a way saying that really they don’t care about equality, nor diversity so long as it brings them money. Well that is one publisher off my list as I don’t deal with companies who actively work with people like Dawkins and who by what he is advocating should be classed as a hate crime, and the fact that he hasn’t makes a mockery of the law.

Professor Richard Dawkins attempted to defend his response to a Twitter follower who told him she 'didn't know what she would do'  if she was pregnant with a child with Down's Syndrome and his advice was: 'Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice'
Richard Dawkins and his hate peddling against down syndrome.

I have had the privilege to meet people with Down Syndrome and they are some of the most nicest people you can spend time with. They don’t know hatred like Dawkins, and they take people as they find them and in their world people with his twisted views doesn’t exist and how dare he advocate they they do not deserve to live, and that to bring a Down Syndrome child into the world is immoral. What did the world do to have this awful man thrust on them?

If anyone is lacking even in basic morals it is Dawkins. I know who I would sooner spend time with and it isn’t him. It would never be him….urgh perish the thought.

Brendan O’Connor an Irish presenter has a daughter with Down’s Syndrome, and when he tested the professor on his now notorious remarks, Dawkins — who insists he bases everything he says on pure reason and empirical knowledge — was exposed as ignorant and ill-informed. When O’Connor asked him why he regarded it as ‘immoral’ to knowingly bring a person with Down’s into the world, Dawkins replied: ‘Given the amount of suffering in the world probably does not go down — probably goes up — compared to having another child who does not have Down’s Syndrome, that’s what I meant.

The presenter queried how Dawkins knew ‘it increases the amount of suffering in the world’. Dawkins replied: ‘I don’t know for certain . . . it seems to me to be plausible that if a child has any kind of disability, you would probably increase the amount of happiness in the world more by having another child instead.’ Asked by O’Connor what his evidence was for that, the professor lamely responded: ‘I have no direct evidence, no.’ and when the presenter — with icy calmness telling Dawkins, ‘I’m not having an emotional discussion with you here, I’m simply trying a logical discussion’ — asked the great empirical thinker if he actually knew anyone with Down’s, he admitted he didn’t.


If Dawkins had actually done any form of research into this hate he peddles then he might have actually read a peer-reviewed paper published in October 2011 by the American Journal of Medical Genetics who had taken the time out to survey 300 people with Down Syndrome and who were aged 12 and over. The conclusion was that nearly 99% of people were happy with their lives, 97% liked the way they look and 96% liked the way they are and I bet you could not get that sort of percentages from anybody else, as lets face it most people would not give themselves that high a mark and it shows what a gorgeous personality they have, but what is worrying is that he is advocating against disability, and that by not having that disabled child the world would be happier. What a vile, disgusting thing to say.

Dawkins insists that these wonderful people with Downs Syndrome are suffering, yet the peer-reviewed papers state otherwise, and I doubt for one minute that Dawkins has actually sat down with anyone who has Downs, but rather his hatred and his bigotry has led him to come up with this nonsense, and again it should be reviewed as a hate crime as he is openly advising people to abort a child because it has a syndrome that he hates, and hate is a strong word but how else do you describe it? That man is full of hatred for Downs Syndrome and to peddle what he does without even having any scientific research is dangerous.

I have been in supermarkets, warehouses and all other forms of customer service roles throughout my travels and am always delighted when companies have employed people with disabilities, and employing people with Downs Syndrome is a blessing to a company not a hinderance as they are hard workers, honest workers, great with time keeping, can be relied upon to a task without complaining, they want to help and they do not get involved in petty work squabbles, not the politics of a work place….rather they just want to work and do a good job. For any employer they are the greatest asset and should be openly valued and not aborted because someone like Dawkins peddles his hate.

It is the fact that this man is advocating aborting Downs children without ever having actually met a child nor an adult. He is doing nothing more than peddling his own hate and and shame on any publisher that signs him up as it gives him yet another platform to peddle his garbage. You are not thinking of the hurt he is aiming at people who really are the purest of hearts and so much for their equality and diversity. As I said…companies are all for it until it comes to money and profits.

Then again what can expect from a man who known works are the insight in to Charles Darwin, a man who held strong views about the risks inferior types breeding. For such a supposed enlightened man he has a backward way of thinking, and thank god society is changing and he is going the way of the dinosaurs.

Right To Life UK spokeswoman Catherine Robinson branded his comments “horrific” saying they showed “blatant disregard for the facts of life for people with Down’s syndrome and other disabilities who, like all humans, are capable of living full and enriching lives”. Richard Dawkins news: ‘Wise and sensible’ to abort Down’s syndrome babies atheist | UK | News | Express.co.uk

Opt out by 23rd June…

Seems the NHS will be sharing our private medical details with private companies…

First of all…not on your life, secondly how much do the NHS get and thirdly why is this being allowed to happen….

If you are not a qualified medical person then you have no right to be diving into private and personal medical details…

Thats me saying thanks but no thanks and you have until the 23rd June 2021 to do the same. Contact your GP and ask them to send you the Opt Out Form.

Soft Judges making a mockery of our legal system again….

It seems that yet again we have Judges who are making a mockery of our legal system and the victim is the one left to suffer both physically and mentally. Physically from the act and mentally from the fact that the law is not there to protect him. It is an outrage.

The situation arose because Mr Palmer 37 was trimming the hedge and some clippings fell into the garden of a Mr Malcolm Newsome 73. Mr Newsome becoming irate decided to teach Mr Palmer a lesson and promptly shot him in the face with an air rifle.

This was done in front of Mr Palmer’s young children and what did the law give this obnoxious individual…..an 18 month sentence and suspended for 2 years with community work.

Darrian Palmer, 37, says he is lucky he wasn’t left blind after the attack by neighbour Malcolm Newsome last May which left Mr Palmer needing hospital treatment.

Darrian Palmer, 37, (pictured) says he is lucky he wasn't left blind after he was shot in the face by neighbour Malcolm Newsome over a dispute when trimmings fell into Newsome's garden
Darrian Palmer, 37, (pictured) says he is lucky he wasn’t left blind after he was shot in the face by neighbour Malcolm Newsome over a dispute when trimmings fell into Newsome’s garden

Newsome was spared jail after admitting unlawful wounding at Leeds Crown Court in relation to the shooting which took place in front of Mr Palmer’s terrified children.

Mr Palmer could have lost an eye or even his life and to do so in front of children is such a cowardly way of dealing with an issue. These children had to watch their father getting shot and injured and where are their rights? Where is their right to see the man who wounded their father going to jail?

Mr Newsome when already wound up asked Mr Palmer to take a look at his fence and when he did, he promptly shot him in the face. Now I don’t know about you but this should be taken as attempted murder and premediated as he had the gun there already.

The law is an ass if all this individual got was an 18 month sentence suspended. I wonder if the law would have been so easy if it had of been a Judge he did that to.

Darrian Palmer was left needing hospital treatment
Having had the air rifle pellet removed this was the damage to the face of Mr Palmer

The children will now need counselling as they had to witness this and sadly to get an 18 month sentence suspended for 2 years has now shown those children that they cannot rely on the law to defend them. They live next door the man who tried to kill their father as firing it in his face could have killed him, and they will have to see him daily and that is not fair on the children.

When will Judges start to take into consideration the damage that thugs like Mr Newsome do. Just because he is 73 does not give him a pass for doing what he did. Infact because of his age he should have known better.

He should have gone to jail and I hope that Mr Palmer now takes out a private civil lawsuit against Newsome for damages and who knows it might result in him having to sell his house to move, and then and only then will the children of Mr Palmer get some rest and start to heal.

The law has let this family down very badly and I send my best to the Palmer family and pray that they get the help they need for their children, and that there is a for sale sign put up very quickly next door as he does not deserve to live next door to decent people.

When MSM lie just because they don’t like Orange Man Bad….

Seems the liberal media has finally admitted that they were wrong to dismiss former President Trump’s statement that the Covid 19 virus was not a bat virus but was infact created in a lab by the Communist State of China.

He was called a racist and xenophobe and every other obnoxious name they could think off and even said he was losing their marbles, and today…..it seems they have sheepishly admitted that they were wrong to dismiss it and that former President Trump was right.

It seems that rather than promote the news in its fullness they decided to smear a President and lie to the public just because they didn’t like him.

Who are on earth are these people? This is a classic case of MSM lying to the people for their own narrative is a perfect example and shows that Donald was right. The mainstream media will only tell the people what they want them to hear. This is a narcissistic trait as those in the media think they know best when in reality they don’t, and surely a good journalist should just stick to telling the news and not their opinion.

As a blogger I can state my opinion and that is the difference I openly say it is Points of Sue, but these MSM go on national TV to lie, spin and smear individuals because it suits them, and they do not let the truth stand in their way and that is why journalism school must be one of the hardest courses in the world to pass as so very few pass it. The BBC and their journalists for one….they all struggle to pass the course as they seem to think we are interested in their opinion when we are not. Have these people never thought we just want the news and they can keep their opinions as I would sooner have the truth no matter how difficult it is to hear.

Maybe these liberal left news outlets such as ABC, The Washington Post and The New York Times should apologise to former President Trump and admit they had a plan along. They feebly state that they chose to ignore it but they didn’t. They chose to ignore it because the man they pathologically hated said it and that is a disturbing trait and lets face it, how many of us no longer trust these newsmen and women who are on our TVs? I don’t as the BBC is a classic example of how badly run a corporation is and I am of no doubt that the ones mentioned above are of the same class.

They would sooner lie than tell the truth and that is a deeply disturbing trait and needs to be stopped.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin slammed the mainstream media for trying to defend their initial reporting which refuted the lab leak theory

I can imagine former President Trump is looking like this today having read that he was right about fake news.

Image result for donald trump

Time for a change of Leader in Israel.

It seems that Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12 year reign of Prime Minister of Israel is coming to an end. In one way it will be a sad end to his career but when it is time to go, it is time to go.

Benjamin Netanyahu (pictured) responded to the news by saying that a Lapid-Bennett government would weaken the country and insisting that a right-wing government is still a possibility [File photo]

Two rivals have agreed to form a coalition.

Natali Bennett and Yair Lapids coalition and this will oust Netanyahu.

Israeli nationalist hardliner Naftali Bennett (pictured) has said he will join a governing coalition that could end the rule of the country's longest-serving leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [File photo]
Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid
Centrist Yair Lapid (pictured) has been tasked with forming a new cabinet by Wednesday 11:59pm local time (2059GMT). He and Bennett have until then to complete a deal in which they are expected to each serve two years as prime minister in a rotation agreement [File photo]

Both men will serve a Prime Minister on a 2 year rotation.

If this deal goes ahead from Wednesday 11:59pm Israeli time then it will be all change at the top, and for peace to be achieved this needs to go ahead.

I am all for Israel defending itself from Hamas attacks but whilst Netanyahu is in power there will be no talks of peace as he is hell bent on this war footing because he needs that to stay in power. How many times have we read about a President or indeed Prime Minister starting a war because it looks popular and diverts the nation from what is really going on? This is exactly what Netanyahu does, that and he has never gotten over the death of his brother Yoni who was killed in the raid on Entebbe Airport in 1976. He will never be at peace with any Muslim and because of this, he is not the man to lead Israel forward.

Netanyahu is angry and he is on a war footing and as I said I fully support the fact that Israel has a right to defend itself, but Israel has to have talks with the Palestinians and they will not because there is a man of war in opposition to them and Hamas and the Palestinians will not talk to him.

There needs to be a change at the top and it needs to be done now. We cannot dismiss the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu has in lots of ways been a good Prime Minister but one that is wounded politically will only do crazier and crazier things to hang on to power, and it will not matter to him how many of the opposition die and that is where he must be stopped and hopefully this is the turning point, especially as too much power corrupts and he is corrupted as he is willing to create death and destruction to hang onto power and that is wrong.

I hope the new coalition will start peace talks but it is a bit galling when the UN reprimands Israel whilst having one of their members committing genocide in their stance against the Uighurs, however that is another blog to write about.

Israel has to take the initiative themselves and try to bring peace without compromising their position and their terms but they have to be flexible, and now that it looks like Netanyahu is going maybe peace will be brought back to a region that has seen too much bloodshed over 2 millennia.

Maybe peace will now have a chance.

Save the Armed Forces from being made a laughing stock……

Another day and another woke interaction into our Armed Forces and this time we the taxpayers get to pay £110,000 for the privilege of having somebody tell us that it is sexist to call someone a Rifleman and Airman. What planet are this people on!!! By the way this is only one that we know of and no doubt there are many more of these woke individuals thinking they know better on the MOD payroll.

I am ex Army and I am bloody annoyed that these woke people try to interfere in something that does not need interference into. We need fighters and certainly not those who take offence at a name…..

For my own thoughts the £110,000 would be better spent actually employing people who will fight for us, not fight against the armed forces because they think they know better.

They don’t and diversity in the Armed Forces is just an interference that will get in the way. I don’t mean opening up the Teeth Arms units as they have done this and it is a good thing, and if a woman can do the same as a man and I mean to actually do all the training then they have earned the right to be addressed by the rank and title as a man as they fought so hard for this privilege.

When I joined the Armed Forces if I had been lucky enough to actually join a Teeth Arms Unit then I would have been so proud to of been called Rifleman, but sadly due to being a woman in the 80s military I couldn’t, and I feel so envious of those who can now join those very units that have a wonderful history of being faithful servants to this country, and along comes someone who wants to turn our Armed Forces into a clap happy one …because this is the start of it…god help us.

Have they actually asked those who work in the Armed Forces and earned their right to be there or did they wake up one morning and think oh I know…lets take offence at something that does not need taking offence at?

Do these people never think that whilst they are trying to turn our military into a snowflake generation that they forgot to send that memo to the enemy. Grief can you imagine if the ridiculous diversity mob got their hands for real on our military personnel…. I can see it now….”don’t fire that gun…it goes really loud and bang…why not jazzy hands instead” or “lets tell those trying to kill you that they are not your enemy and you believe in peace, love and diversity”…

Absolutely ridiculous that any Armed Forces would even employ such people. You join the Armed Forces to defend this country and to defend and kill if necessary, and as my father always said after having served in WW2 that war is hell, and you don’t want someone there who will be a liability but you want someone you know will have your back, as you have theirs and will kill the enemy without a minute thought.

As General Patton said……..

See the source image

The way our Armed Forces are going the WI will be ore dangerous and why!! Due to the fact that some tick box obsessed civil servant brought in people who should have no say in what the ranks are called, and who really should keep their beaks out and stay out of our Armed Forces.

People go through a lot of hard training to wear their cap badge and it is with pride that you are referred to by your units rank. That is something these pen pushers don’t understand and why….because they see offence in just about everything.

Well I see offence in the garbage they are pushing and we still need the men and women who will fight. Not someone who is a waste of money trying to change things that do not need changing. It is really appalling that in this day and age when we are having to count for every penny for our military, and then the MOD abuse the taxpayers by hiring such people as these woke diversity warriors. They need to get rid and bring back the old sweats to show the military how it is done. I.e. show them the real world not this one where the permanently offended are permanently offended.

The military in Russia and China must be laughing their socks off, and what message does it send that calling a woman Rifleman is going to hurt their little fee fees….Women in the Armed Forces are stronger than that and do not need this woke crap in their work life.

Dear lord they will be taking offense at khaki uniforms next and want our Armed forces to wear pink because its nicer and not so aggressive to the enemy. You couldn’t make this **** up, your really couldn’t and thank god I was in when such people would never have gotten near the military in a month of Sundays.

The change that this is bringing in is not a good one……and should be got rid off at the first opportunity and someone needs to remind whoever is pushing for this diversity changing rubbish that it is real men and women who join our Armed Forces not woke leftists that need saving…..

Image result for 40 Commando
Image result for british army rifleman
Image result for british army women
This is what heroes look like….

Picked up this beauty for £3.99

Please bear in mind that I am a novice urban gardener, and this is how I am planting my own plants, and so far have been successful thankfully to date.

Managed to get out in the garden and plant a lovely Dahlia today.  I purchased it from Lidl for £3.99 and it is gorgeous.  I cannot go to a shop without having a gander round the gardening section and Lidl, Asda and Morrisons are great for the collection of flowers.

Anyway, I found this and when my son had dug the hole it was in and looking gorgeous.

However, don’t plant your Dahlia if it is cold.  They don’t like the cold weather and dislike the frost immensely.

Again, make sure the hole is deep enough to add a little bit of compost and make sure it is damp but not slurry and then in it goes.   You can order dahlia tubes in early spring if you want to grow them yourself, as sometimes it is better to get them early and pop them in a tub although you can skip that bit and put them straight in the ground when the soil has warmed. 

Plant with full sun as Dahlias love the sunlight and they prefer the morning best and if you can give them 6 to 8 hours they will love it.

Dahlias love a rich well drained soil, and if you have been checking your pH level then you know the soil should be round about 6.5 it could go up to 7.0 and that is the perfect planting soil.

Dahlias love mature compost, and you can put them in with other flowers but give them some room as if the soil and the texture is right then your plant will be a grower, and I cannot wait for mine to grow.    When putting Dahlias into the ground then please give them 9 to 12 inches spacing.  If you have a medium Dahlia they can grow to usually 3 foot tall, but the larger taller ones need to be spaced 3 feet apart, and you will need to plant poles that stand around 5 to 6 feet tall as this will give support to your large taller plants and will enable them to grow to a beautiful height.   

Image result for large dahlias
See the source image

If you have a row of Dahlias they will make a lovely flowering hedge and are great for the borders round a wall in the garden.  When you chose to have them as a flowering hedge they will often support one another so it could be advisable to plant them against a back wall and have them grow as a hedge to cover the wall.  All that beautiful flowering and the smell is gorgeous.  

If you are planting the tubers then plant 6 to 8 inches deep and point the eyes facing up, and cover with round about 2” of soil.  When the stem starts to sprout fill the remainder in with soil until the plant is at ground level and don’t forget don’t water immediately as this will create a mulch, but let it rest and when you see the sprouts then water it.  This will help it.

Image result for dahlia tubers planting

If you get planters that look wrinkled then don’t plant it as this Dahlia is already dying, and you are just wasting your time so try and get the tubers yourself from a garden centre instead of having them sent to you.

Your flowers should start blooming about 8 to 10 weeks after planting and they will look stunning.  Don’t worry about the decaying leaves as the slugs love these, and they should leave the plants alone and instead gorge on the decaying plants as this is one of the times they actually do help. I won’t put down slug pellets as I have cats, a dog, birds in the garden and other insects and I feel that it is particularly cruel and if the birds eat the slugs then they have the pellet, or hedgehogs…so my preferred method when wanting to grow specific plants is put pansies in too….

I sacrifice them for the slugs to eat so that they will leave my other plants alone. It does work and whilst some may think a waste of money it is not poisoning anything and I am happy to live with that.

My plant settled in lovely today and it is off back to collect a half dozen more tomorrow.

Zarah Sultana is doing nothing more than protecting her seat.

Zarah Sultana has written to the Prime Minister demanding to know why Victor Orban is here and then had the gall to mention anti-semetism, when with her pal Corbyn she is one of the most vocal anti-Semites in Parliament.

She has tweeted about a one state Palestinian state where the Jews were not willing to be assimilated, and in another told someone who is pro Israel to jump off a cliff. Where on earth do these people come from and why are they always in Labour?

She has the gall to compare Afghanistan and Iraq to the Shoah. The murder of six million Jews by the Nazis and her vile rantings about the Jewish state of Israel just gets worse and worse. She is no position to demand anything from the Prime Minister regarding the visit by the Head of State of Hungary.

Do not get me wrong I am not enamoured with this Head of State being here either as he has the vilest of opinions of just about everybody, but like any other Government they have to do deals with the devil. I want them to stop dealing with China because of their appalling human rights record but that is not my decision to make, but for someone like Sultana to suddenly be concerned with the Jewish people is suspicious. Could it be that ending up with a majority of only 401 makes her feel vulnerable? After all in 2017 the Labour party had a majority of over 8,000…what a drop.

When will Labour learn that the people do not want to see or hear from people like her and I am afraid it is too little too late and there will be no Brexit party to take the votes next time and it will be a straight forward out and good riddance. Parliament won’t miss her……

A Labour general election candidate who said she looked forward to the death of Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu and George Bush is facing deselection by the party, HuffPost UK can reveal. Zarah Sultana, had also backed “violent resistance” against Israel.

In a deleted tweet seen by HuffPost UK, she also argued Israel had been “created through ethnic cleansing, sustained through occupation, apartheid and war crimes”. She added that Jewish students who attended “Zionist conferences and trips” were “advocating racist ideology”.

And in another Facebook post, revealed today for the first time, she accused  Jewish students of being bankrolled by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “It must be hard to make a ‘positive case for Israel’ within NUS [National Union of Students] when you’ve got to sugarcoat racist settler colonialism. […] Well unless you’re on Bibi’s paycheque.”

Labour MPs attacking Israel on social media have been warned they risk stoking division within Britain with Jewish communities this week being forced to bring in extra security after an increased level of threats.

The ‘March for Palestine’ could see tens of thousands take to the streets in London this weekend calling for “an end to Israel’s violations of human rights and international law”. Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana was among those who joined protestors in a demonstration outside Downing Street on Tuesday night in which demonstrators carried banners comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. In a second tweet she posted her “solidarity, love and …prayers to the Palestinian people” (www.dailyexpress.co.uk)

Zarah Sultana lost over 7,000 in the last General Election and I hope the people of Coventry come to their senses and vote out this dreadful woman at the first opportunity. This is not about looking out for the Jewish people as she has said enough vile things about Israel and Jews that we know her true feelings, but this is more a question of trying to save her seat as she knows that at the next election she is looking at being booted out, and it won’t be a moment too soon as there should be no place in Parliament for anyone who spouts this vileness about Jewish people and due to the failings of Labour to curb their MPs the attacks on Jews in this country has risen and continue to rise.

Angela Rayner needs to give it up and give us a rest from the Corbyn Cult…..

Angela Rayner is still banging the drum for anti-semetic terrorist loving Jeremy Corbyn when she states that Corbyn would have done a better job during the Covid pandemic.

What planet is this woman on? Corbyn couldn’t even keep his party together so what mess would he have made of the country? A dreadful one. When you are the worst Labour leader for almost a century then we were very lucky the people saw sense and knew a bad un when they saw one, and he and his chums are bad uns.

angela rayner jeremy corbyn coronavirus
Angela Rayner has got be working without a full set of marbles.

The country had the choice of voting for Corbyn and thank god decent people could see what he and his mob of MPs were and gave them a political kicking, yet this daft woman is still singing his praises. What planet is she on? It is certainly not this one and all the Labour front bench are now is comedy gold.

This goes to show why Labour is not electable. I mean for the love of Mike there is talk of actually touting Eddie Izzard as a Labour leader, obviously once he has been parachuted into the ever so safe seat which must be few and far between now, but how desperate are they becoming? I cannot see Izzard appealing to former mining towns and as a Conservative voter I would love to see those even more unelectable than Starmer get in, and having Rayner as Deputy Leader is one of the reasons why Labour will not get in.

She and the party have no understanding of what this country wants and she does not seem to accept that twice Corbyn stood as leader of the Labour party and twice this country told him no, yet she is still spouting her nonsence that he can do a better job.

Can you truly imagine the state of the country if that man and his mob of misfits were running the country. What a bankrupt state we would be in and the laughing stock of Europe yet she cannot see this and that is worrying as what on earth are Labour voters voting in?

We have had race baiting Abbott insisting it was attempted murder of the BLM activist, and if she could have gotten away with saying it was a white man she would have. Instead, fancy the disappointment of knowing that it was 4 black men but that still did not stop her and her vile race baiting. The Home Office even said she was lying and wrong and that is dangerous and she knows it.

This is the calibre of Labour MPs that is on show and they wonder why people are turning against them.

The comments on this via twitter were gold….

One said: “I’ve not seen one single thing that gives me a reason to agree with that.”

Another dryly commented that Ms Rayner’s statement on Jeremy Corbyn was “undeniable considering his bold and decisive leadership on the Brexit question.”

Another user said simply: “Delusional.” 

Another user commented: “I’ve not seen one single thing that gives me a reason to agree with that.

Lots of Labour left have claimed ‘millions’ of suicides because of lockdown. Corbyn would have had us in one never-ending lockdown because he hates business.”

If I was Starmer I would find a way to get this smiling assassin out of her post of Deputy Leader as she is too brain washed on the Corbyn project and the voting public can see this, and their is a majority of people who are not to keen on him, and dislike her even more and that’s because she is Corbyn in a skirt and they can see this. She will do no more than bring back his vile rantings and I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t offer him a job and back in the party.

I give Starmer two more months before he is ousted and Momentum will vote her in as Leader as they still have the strangle hold on the membership, and that needs to be stopped or nothing will change from the disaster that they are…. but happy days for the likes of me as she will never get voted in to power, and the Labour party must be prepared to lose even more seats and end up nothing more than a large Lobby group.

Angela Rayner and Keir Starmer

Smart Motorways are dangerous…..

A report has been submitted to the Department of Transport regarding the smart motorways and the increase in the number of deaths.

Figures show that controlled motorways – which use technology to compliment the hard shoulder – are safer than both conventional and smart motorways. Data showed that while fatality rates were lower on smart motorways in 2015, 2016 and 2017, they had risen above normal motorways in 2018 and 2019. 

The UK government and Highways England have insisted that smart motorways are safe compared to those that operate with a hard shoulder, but these new figures cast doubt on those claims.   A spokesperson for the DfT said that although figures suggest a concerning trend, longer-term averages were needed to establish a pattern.

A spokesman said: “The data shows fatalities are less likely on smart motorways than on conventional ones.   “This conclusion has been made by looking at the average trends over a number of years, which is essential to mitigating volatility in the casualty data.”

 Death rate on smart motorways higher than roads with hard shoulder study shows (soe.org.uk)

Why there has to be a 4th lane was beyond me.  Is this a cheaper alternative than actually trying to extend the motorways and make it fit for the 21st Century?

Don’t get me wrong travelling in a car can be pretty scary at the best of times and getting stuck between two lorries when you only come up to the height of their wheels is pretty nerving, but fancy having the worry of breaking down and realising that you have to get out of the car and grab your family, whilst trying to negotiate the fast-moving traffic.

There are of course the little orange laybys some 1 mile apart but did the Department of Transport not realise that cars break down just like that.  A car is an inanimate object that when it breaks down does not think it has to get to the safe area, it just breaks down and then people are forced to try and get to safety.  It is bad enough in the day but what about the night-time and what about the AA or RAC chaps who come out to fix a vehicle.  Their lives are in danger too as the traffic is not stopped as it is for the police, fire serve and ambulance and that is just playing with peoples lives.  It is not fair, and it is not right and all for a cheap alternative.

I know that to update the motorways would have caused disruption and the cost, but what is the cost compared to the lives of the people killed on them.

The fact that the government is so quick with their dismissal of the actual figures is cause for concern.  The smart motorways are an accident waiting to happen and this motorway is a killer when you break down.  How could breaking down on the motorway with no place to go not be?  This is stupidity of a monumental making and it is going to get worse not better.

I have travelled along the new smart motorways and there is very little space between lanes and that is not welcoming to start with, and the traffic is moving very fast…what happens when you break down?  The car behind you is not contemplating you breaking down and then…hit…..

The government needs to look at a different way of getting the motorways to work as the smart motorway is not the way forward.  It is dangerous and deadly.

A stretch of one of England’s major roads has seen a 20-fold increase in these incidents in the five years since being converted to a smart motorway.   The hard shoulder was removed from a section of Greater London’s orbital motorway, the M25, in 2014 to make way for an extra driving lane.   The BBC found there have been 1,485 near misses since the overhaul – incidents “with the potential to cause injury or ill health.”   In the previous five years, there were just 72.    38 people killed on smart motorways in last five years, BBC Panorama reveals | RAC Drive   27th January 2020.

Last year a Panorama report said the Government said there had been 38 fatalities between 2015 and 2019, which Grant Shapps later revealed was 39.

But Shadow transport secretary Jim McMahon told MPs a ‘stocktake’ has shown 63 people lost their lives on the controversial all lane running (ALR) smart motorways over the same period.    (www.dailymail.co.uk)  29th April 2021

One death on these motorways is one too many and the whole thing needs to be re-thought and redone as the incident toll will only get higher.